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Glenville Celtic Football Club established in 1973, and has always been known for its pioneering ways in our city and as such the club has initiated a good Development Program over the years for our juniors. If you look at the history of the Club, we have produced a few National players, and this is what has created the spirit of Glenville Celtic Football Club.

The Junior Development Program is rapidly becoming the cornerstone of success at Glenville Celtic. There are few clubs that spend the time and effort in developing the talent that they have as we do at Glenville.
Our key objective is to develop home grown talent capable of playing in the Club's first team and national squads. But it's not just about playing football. We want to ensure a rounded individual is produced who has personal, social, spiritual and academic qualities to match his talents on the field of play.

The Glenville Celtic Junior Development Program has unrivalled credentials in the Northern Areas Soccer Board (Eastern Cape). The sense of nurturing and the ultimate welfare of the players is mostly provided by good hard working coaches and managers.
The Ultimate Goal: To produce First Team and International players
 It is difficult to predict whether a boy will reach the ultimate goal as physical, technical, tactical and psychological development varies individually. However, we can recognise potential and give the boy the best opportunity to develop.

Glenville Celtic Players who have represented South African National Teams.
National under-17 team players
  • Jermaine Christian

National under-23 team players
  • Jermaine Christian
  • Dane Klate

National Team (Bafana Bafana) players
  • Elrio van Heerden
  • Dane Klate

The Primary Goal - "To make Football Fun"
The football industry is primarily an entertainment industry. It makes sense then that if we are to develop our youth to provide fun and entertainment for the spectator, the boys must derive fun playing.

We aim to increase their enjoyment of the game by:

  • Improving techniques and understanding: Technical development is fundamental to all players up until the age category of 15 years. Physical development is concentrated on thereafter and as the player becomes more skilful in both technical and physical aspects so their enjoyment of the game increases.
  • Improving teamwork: Another way we increase enjoyment of the game is through interaction with teammates with skilful and imaginative play.
  • Improving understanding of teamwork: and the role of each position in the team.

Statistics for the 2008 Season
Glenville Celtic Junior Program has more than 120 players
  • Under 9:
  • Under 11:
  • Under 13: (2 teams)
  • Under 15: (2 teams)
  • Under 17:

The Glenville Celtic F.C. Juniors has been structured as follows during the 2008 season:

Under - 9 Coach: Eldon September
Under – 9 Manager: Debbi September

Under - 11 Coach: John Nance
Under - 11 Manager: Marcus Bailey

Under - 13 Coach: Gerhard Luck
Under - 13 Manager: Clenton Chambel

Under - 15 Coach: Derrick Plaaijies
Under - 15 Manager: Cardo Bailey

Under - 17 Coach: Jerome Stowman
Under - 17 Coach: Ben Lewis
Under - 17 Manager: Wayne MacGear

Any teams commitment to the development of the game at grass root level is measured on the number and quality of youngsters that are promoted to the senior team.

Glenville Football Club cannot be faulted in this regard having produced more than a handful players such as (current):
  • Patrick "Pato" Goliath
  • Darryl "AJ" Jacobs
  • Ryan "Boss" Esau
  • Duwayne "Buckles" Van Dyk
  • Clyde "Nallie" Simons
  • Elzico Britton
  • Chevryano Wellman
  • Lindsay Stowman
  • Kaylin Jantjies
  • Arthur Jordaan
  • Kurt Duff
  • Severiano Lewis



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