• Final boss of Final Fantasy VII
  • Originally a member of SOLDIER, 1st Class
  • Wields the legendary Masamune blade

Although the nemesis from Final Fantasy VI, Kefka, could be considered a more devious villain, Sephiroth is arguably the most iconic antagonist of the Final Fantasy franchise. Originally a hero of Shinra's SOLDIER division, Sephiroth was driven mad by the chilling knowledge he found at Nibelheim mansion. After discovering that he was in fact a product of Shinra's biological experiments, Sephiroth destroyed the village of Nibelheim and ignited the confrontation between himself and Final Fantasy VII's hero, Cloud.

Sephiroth is incredibly strong physically and is also skilled at the use of magic. Although he faces the heroes of Final Fantasy VII throughout the course of the game, it is revealed at the game's conclusion that his true form was in stasis at the Northern Crater all along. Sephiroth takes on multiple forms to battle Cloud and his friends, but is eventually bested. This is not the end of Sephiroth, however, as he also appears in several Final Fantasy spin-offs like Crisis Core, Dissidia Final Fantasy, and the CG film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

The image of Sephiroth standing amidst the burning ruins of Nibelheim is second in infamy only to his shocking fatal blow against Final Fantasy VII's heroine, Aeris.

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