Member of CHIKARA Sekigun with Mike Quackenbush and Jigsaw

Graveyard Smash, Yakuza Kick, Step-Up Frankensteiner, Super Fishermanbuster, Rydeen Bomb

CHIKARA Campeonato de Parejas, CHIKARA Young Lions Cup

First graduate of CHIKARA Wrestle Factory...closely aligned with CHIKARA representatives Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw, which puts him at odds against Gran Akuma and Kamikaze USA...Went bell-to-bell in the 2nd ever FRAY! on Sept. 6th in Chicago...won the first CHIKARA Young Lions Cup tournament...forms Team Frightening with Quackenbush & Frightmare...has teamed regularly with Delirious in the past as Incoherence...looking to really break out in DGUSA...very agile for his size, which allows him to wrestle a Japanese juniorheavyweight style with lucha influences.