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Elliott Wave Forex Weekly Forecast - free

Knowledge is king! A new service from an old website ReadyForex.com is offering Elliott wave Forex weekly forecast to Forex traders and investors. Get Elliott wave Forex weekly market analysis on a weekly basis inside member area. You will also receive a notification via email on a weekly basis about the updates of member area. So, if you trade Spot Forex market then do not miss out this freely available resource.

Spot Currency Pairs - 7

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Bulkowski’s Pattern Gateway

Bulkowski’s Pattern Gateway:

A very good online resource for those who are studying chart patterns to become a better trader. Arming yourself with chart pattern knowledge is never something superfluous as it will always be helping you in making your trade decisions. Chart patterns are one of these few things which have proven themselves to be true and have been working out consistently once the patterns have been identified. Mastering chart patterns should be in your priority list of to-do things. Mr Bulowski is an expert in this field and if you follow the link and land on his website, you will see that there is a wealth of information waiting for your regarding chart pattern knowledge. Most of the chart patterns are listed there alphabetically and each of them has been detailed very well together with screenshots showing the real formation of these patterns on historical stock charts.

Over trading?? The market will not run away

One of the many pitfalls within which the new and wannabe traders fall into is the feeling that they need to be present and actively participating in the market moves all the time, as if the market will be running away and the moves that they will miss, would not present themselves again. This feeling being experienced by inexperienced traders will tend to make him stick to his monitor or terminal and eye the market as it develops tick by tick waiting for the next move to jump in. This in itself is not much bad as it forms part of the experience gathering process through which traders have to go through in order to become well acquainted with the market and how it unfolds. The problem comes when the trader think he should be participating in the market all the time and be present in the moves... Upon closing a long order, he will go short and the opposite also is true. By doing so, he will tend to over-trade his account and this will eventually produce a negative result on his progress and performance because overtrading kills both the account and the confidence of the trader as it stresses him to an extent and this stress eventually lead him to make more mistakes in his analysis, likewise, he also makes more and more bad trades ... of course, this will produce very bad performance... Overtrading is not the right way to go.. If you are doing it, you should start finding solutions of how to manage it, i am writing 'solution' because over trading is a problem which neither benefit the trader, nor his account.. the only one who benefit from this are the brokers because they win money regardless whether you win or lose your trades.

Alpha Trader 3.0

Recently I have found a nice little trading system which have been devised and shared freely to all the world by a guy with a great heart. I investigated a little into this trading method and personally I think it can turn out into a very profitable trading system if we stick to some strict trading rules and observe a sound and safe money management system.

The system can be downloaded freely from this link and you can also refer to the author's blog which can be found here where some thought provoking stuff might be waiting for you along with some nice screen caps which can give you the initial push towards this profitable free trading method. Good luck with the pips...

Time to sell NzdChf

Seems the time is right to sell the nzdchf pair. On the H4[240min] chart, we can see a stall on a main resistance trendline even though price have been able to push itself through it a little, it will still be difficult for the pair to continue this up move and the reversal sign has already shown up through the MACD divergence which has appeared. It is just time for me to go short here. I just hope that everything will go fine as I see it.

Abonacci Trading System - Completely Free

This trading system which is based on fibonacci is definitely worth talking about as it has proven to be very promising. The name given by the author is abonacci which is supposed to mean Future Fibonacci. This method is purely based on price action without the use of ANY indicators except the price levels and/or fibonacci levels. As we have previously said, fibonacci is a leading indicator and so is the abonacci system which does not focus on the past but predict the future moves. Many are simply baffled by the accuracy of this system although it mind seem a little hard to learn and the learning curve is a little steep. However, all the trading education guides pertaining to this system has been systematically arranged to provide you with the most of the needed information so that you can start trading forex with success. I would advise to take the time needed and invest thoroughly into the mastery of this trading system which has remained free non-commercial so far. All thanks goes to the author of the method.

Download Gannalyst 5.0 PRO for free!

Gannalyst is a great charting tool for the newbies and the experts alike. Gannalyst 5.0 Pro has replaced the earlier versions of the software and therefore the older versions are obselete. Gannalyst Pro 5 has all the tools one would ever need if he is pursuing the path of the great W.D.Gann. Most of the tools and indicators present in the Gannalyst Pro 5 are geared towards the approach W.D.Gann used to study and analyse the market and this include the different squares such as the square of nine, square of 144, Gann angles, equal timeframes etc. Have fun and download this great software for FREE.

Use Fibonacci in your trading

Had we stare at the screen of a master trader, we would be pretty to find at least a few key fibanacci levels being plotted on his charts. For any wannabe trader, it is crucial to study how the fibonacci sequence of numbers is reflected on the market movement and how one can use these to his own advantage to extract the pips from the forex market or any other market.

Fibonacci is another indicator but unlike other indicators, it is found in the category of leading indicators and is the opposite of lagging indicators. If we come to achieve some level of mastery of the Fibonaci tool, I do believe that we would be able to minimize our losses greatly and consequently maximize our profits.

There are several guides already out there which details the use of fibanacci in trading and I do suggest that one should look for these and read as much as they can. However, mastering the fibonacci in trading cannot be achieved only by reading ebooks and online guides but requires quite a lot of practice and chart time. Once your eyes get used to the fibonacci levels on that charts, you would somehow be able to guess the levels where price is suppose to meet support or resistance without the use of any other indicators.

There are some key levels in the fibanaci sequence which should be closely monitored because price will usually stall and/or reverse at such levels because these levels usually show some resistance to the market impulses such as the 61.8% or the 38.2% retracement. If you are new to trading and you are first reading this article, I am pretty sure you have not idea what I am talking about and this is why you should download the ebooks from the link below and start reading them. If you pursue the path of fibonacci with enough determination to succeed, sooner or later you would become a master in the use of fibonacci in your trading and fibonacci retracement and extensions would become the crucial tools in your trading toolbox. You can find some good fibonacci manual from the link below.

Free Expert Advisor Video Coruse Sponsored by TradeView Forex

Forex Expert Advisor Video Course (2 parts)

Check out my brand new Expert Advisor Video Course.
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MT4 - Enable Images

What you will learn inside EA Trading course?

How to download, install and run the Meta Trader 4?
How to trade with Expert Advisor?
Technical vs. fundamental trading
Manual trading vs automated trading robots
Money management
How to find profitable E.A?
How to check the profitability of an E.A?
How to import historical data inside Meta Trader 4?
How to achieve 90% modeling quality?
Trading issues with Expert Advisor and their solutions
How to avoid expert Advisor scam?
Mql4 trading championship winning EA secrets revealed

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Speed Resisance Lines as an additional trading tool

Speed Resistance lines can be used to identify levels of support and resistance in the market with a high level of accuracy. If you wan to read more about this tool, please download the pdf file at the end on this post. You should be aware that this is not a trading system which is going to generate buy and sell trading signals for you but it is just another powerful which you can add to any trading method and develop it from there. So please take some time and have a good read. Download this file.

Meta Trader 5 Beta Testing

Today, I am going to talk about the new beta release of Meta Trader 5 -

On 9th of September, 2009 Meta Quotes offered its new charting and
trading platform, the Meta Trader 5. Currently, the beta testing is going on
and the company is planning to offer new MT 5 version in coming year 2010.
You can download Meta Trader 5 via following link

The new MetaTrader 5 trading platform is designed to provide brokerage services
to customers in Forex, CFD and Futures, as well as equity markets.
I personally think Meta trader 5 is a good effort as they added object oriented programming.

However; the company clearly missed the basic requirement of most traders
who actively use MT4 platform on a daily basis.

How customers are going to use it in trading?
Specially, when almost all of the Meta Trader 4 custom indicators and E.As
are not going to work in this Meta trader 5 version.

Following are the draw backs that I have found and I think it is going to make hard
to accept and use new Meta Trader 5 software.

1/- Custom indicators need to re-write because the old *.mq4 file code just do not work with Meta Trader 5. Even if you change the file extension it still do not work at all.

2/- Same programming and syntax problem with Expert Advisor A.K.A - EA
Also, there are many Expert advisors and custom indicators
that people do not want to reveal the code and trading formula to third person.

3/- Not every one is a computer freak to rewrite and upgrade his own custom
indicators and Expert advisors. This makes really hard for new users and beginners!

In order to accept and use Meta Trader 5 a trader first needs to pay money to a MQL 5 programmer to update and re-write his E.A and Custom indicator OR leave Meta Trader 5.

I think most traders wants to use Meta Trader 5 but above problems and up-gradation
of coding is a big hassle and use-less effort.
Just need to pay more money to get the things keep working.

There are millions of users who needs to upgrade their code to use at MT5 which is
not possible and realistic approach.

:: My suggestion to Meta Trader 5 team is as follows ::

It is possible via programming to keep running the old *.MQ4 files inside
Meta Trader 5 in a compatibility mode!


Go back and use the same scripting language and offer a new version of Meta Trader 5 without changing the MQ4 syntax

Other wise, I think it is a long way till 80% custom indicators and E.A users even think
to shift over to Meta Trader 5.

At least, I am not looking to use Meta Trader 5 for now.
I think Meta Trader 4 is still a hero for me.

Kind regards,
-Muhammad Azeem

Man VS Machine - Real traders versus Expert Advisors

This event will be officially launched on Jan 10 2010. It is one of its kind event and it is being organised for the very first time. On one part, there will be real human traders and on the other side, there will be robots aka expert advisors. The aim is to know which party beats the other in generating the most profits in this 10 weeks long event. The participation is free and open to anyone who wish to take part in it. When enrolling, you will have option to choose your side, Bots 'expert advisors' or Humans... If you choose human, you will not be able to use any expert advisor on the competition account and if you choose robot, you will still be able to place trades by hand (manually)... However, you will need to send your expert advisor to them for verification purposes. The rewards are very tempting .. the first price is a 50k USD live account to trade with them.. You are free to take the profits you make from these accounts at anytime you wish to do so... prizes go up to rank 6th... You can read more about this event on the official page.. best of luck

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