History, Theory, Practice

Written by Vladimir Putin, Vasily Shestakov and Alexey Levitsky, Preface by George Russell and Keiko Fukuda
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  • ISBN: 978-1-55643-445-7 (1-55643-445-6)
  • Trade Paperback, 8-1/2 x 11, 208 pages
    Sports & Recreation - Martial Arts & Self-Defense
    Blue Snake Books

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Authors Vladimir Putin, Vasily Shestakov, and Alexy Levitsky give a complete history of judo, from its origins in Japanese jujitsu through its development into an Olympic sport, including Russia's contributions to the art. The rules and basic concepts are covered, followed by detailed instruction in break-falling, throwing techniques, and ground grappling. Judo theory is examined, and key practice points are presented, as well as strategies for the beginner and an exploration of kuzushi, Judo's art of unbalancing. Lastly, the authors present the self-defense techniques of judo and introduce the unique Russian art of combat sambo.

Author Biography:

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, is well-known for his life-long love of judo and brings all of his experience to bear in writing this manual.


"It is rare and very inspiring that a head of state would make such an investment of time to write a book like this. It is a fine gift to the judokas of the world as well as to those of Russia...Vladimir Putin Sensei and his co-writers have established themselves as gifted writers and contributors to the judo world."
- Keiko Fukuda, United States Judo Federation