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As with any Society, our Vice-Chairman has suffered from health problems and asked to step down.  Fortunately, we were able to find an outstanding replacement in Dr. Sandy Fraser in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.  His family members were long time friends of Lady Saltoun and her late husband, Capt. Alexander Ramsay of Mar.  Sandy and his wife Erna have visited Cairnbulg Castle and the House of Lords in London, so Lady Saltoun was delighted that he has taken an interest in CFSC.  

This photo shows Erna & Sandy Fraser with Lady Saltoun during her visit to Canada in 2004.

Fraser Society was first established in Canada in 1868 and reactivated in 1894.  CFSC is one of the national societies operating worldwide, established under the authority of The Rt. Hon. The Lady Saltoun of Abernethy, Chief of the Name and Arms and Chief of the Whole Clan Fraser; and Brigadier The Rt. Hon. Lord Lovat, Chief of Clan Fraser of Lovat.  Our goal from the outset has been to provide accurate information on the origins, history and accomplishments of Frasers and the surnames associated with Clan Fraser and Clan Fraser of Lovat.

It was not until 1997 that we had factually accurate historical and genealogical data to set the record straight.  Lady Saltoun relied on her great grandfather's The Frasers of Philorth, Lords Saltoun (3 Vol. - 1879), considered to be the most authoritative history of Clan Fraser, but not widely available since it was privately published.  For an overview of our history, we recommend   Clan Fraser - A history celebrating over 800 years of the Family in Scotland  by Flora Marjory Fraser, The Lady Saltoun, written in conjunction with the Clan Fraser Gathering at Castle Fraser, Aberdeenshire, first published 1997 and reprinted in 2005 by Scottish Cultural Press, Edinburgh.  Written by the present Chief of Clan Fraser, the book has been described as 'A fascinating potted history which gives a clear insight into the history of the Fraser family... Liberally illustrated, I read Clan Fraser at a single sitting - once I started, I found it so interesting that I just had to continue until the end.' - The Fraserburgh Herald

Anyone interested in an overview of the history and structure of Clan Fraser may also wish to visit the web site of The Lady Saltoun at  which includes a brief explanation of the correct use of heraldry, some Fraser tartans and music, and advice to others researching their Fraser genealogy.

The Court of the Lord Lyon states that the term   Clan Crest   is a misnomer as there is no such thing.  Clansmen [or Clanswomen] may wear the Chief's Crest encircled with a Strap and Buckle bearing the Chief's Motto, but the heraldic Crest and Motto on it are the exclusive property of the Clan Chief and are fully protected to him/her by the law in Scotland.  

Genealogical research has rapidly risen in popularity over the past few years to become one of our fastest growing obsessions.  Our primary interest is to assist CFSC members with their ancestral research.  However, we often receive enquiries from individuals who believe they are descended from officers and/or soldiers of the 78th Regiment of Foot (Fraser's Highlanders), who served in Canada during the Seven Years War between Britain and France (1757-63), who have no known ancestral connection to the surname Fraser or other surnames associated with Clan Fraser.  The page on the 78th Officers provides biographical information on the commissioned officers, and the Muster Rolls page includes a list of the non-commissioned officers and soldiers allocated to the various companies when the regiment was disbanded in 1763.

A selection of articles by Marie Fraser, previously published in the Clan Fraser Society of Canada quarterly newsletter, can be found on this web site or at 

While this web site provides extensive information on the history and genealogy of Clan Fraser, it represents only a fraction of the resources contributed by the dedicated volunteer officers of the Society for the benefit of members.  If you have a Fraser connection, and would like to become a member of CFS of Canada, just click on the interactive Membership page.  There, you will also find contact information for the other authorized national societies affiliated with CFSC.  If you only stopped by to visit but would like to send us your comments about the site, we would be pleased to hear from you at

W. Neil Fraser, Chairman
J.A.H. Sandy Fraser, Vice Chairman
Peter S. Fraser, Treasurer
Marie Fraser, Secretary & Genealogy / Newsletter Editor

Web site launched Jan. 7/98.  Last updated March 25, 2011