Digital Media Initiative

DMI is the team developing Fabric - a suite of desktop production tools that delivers a new digital production environment and archive for the BBC. These tools will enable our teams to work more collaboratively, creatively and effectively than ever before.
Fabric allows everyone involved in the creative process to develop, create, share and manage our content and programming. It connects everyone involved in that process, from commissioning and production through to archives.

At its heart, the digital archive will allow all of the BBC, and beyond, to access the wealth of BBC content and the ability to dip into the archive at their desktop, opening up a whole host of new creative opportunities.  

Fabric will transform the way the BBC produces content in the digital age, so that it is able to invest an even higher proportion of the licence fee in the content and programmes it makes for our audiences; enhancing their experience across as many platforms as possible.

The Fabric suite of tools are being developed and rolled out across the BBC in a series of releases throughout 2011, in line with the strategy of Delivering Quality First.

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