05/03/08: Sugaa & Billy Dream co-win battle royal for entry into match for inaugural Title, Coplay, PA. Sugaa pins Dream, Coplay, PA

05/16/08: Tommy Suede pins Sugaa, Coplay, PA

06/06/08: Sugaa pins Tommy Suede, Coplay, PA

07/24/08: Billy Dream pins Tommy Suede in 3way vs. Sugaa, Allentown, PA.

06/06/09: Eric Cobian grabs title belt in Go For the Gold match, Allentown, PA.

11/07/09: AC Anderson beats Cobian for title, Allentown, PA

06/20/10: Eric Cobian beats AC Anderson in no DQ match, Tamaqua, PA.

04/02/11: Eddie Guapo pins Eric Cobian after assist from guest ref Afa Jr, Allentown, PA


01/03/09: Big Joe Gomez beats King Bash Mantis, who entered the match as Champion, Allentown, PA

05/02/09: Ultimate Heavyweight Champion X-Treme Billy Dream pins Big Joe Gomez in a title vs title match, Allentown, PA

06/06/09: Eddie Guapo grabs the belt in Go For the Gold match, Allentown, PA.

03/05/11: Big Joe Gomez beats Eddie Guapo, Allentown, PA.


06/06/08: Qualifying matches: Javi Air pins Aramis Coplay, PA Arazel pins Sabian The Dynamic Sensation pins Devon Moore

06/07/08: The Dynamic Sensation wins 3-way over Javi Air & Azrael for inaugural title, Allentown, PA.

09/27/08: Rick Jimbo Radical (RJR) beats The Dynamic Sensation, Allentown, PA.

01/03/09: Chrono Chris beats RJR, Allentown, PA

04/18/09: Eddie Guapo pins Chrono Chris, Bethlehem, PA

06/06/09: VSK and Sean Maluta (Samoan Dragon) both grab belt in Go For The Gold match, Allentown, PA. They then wrestled in a singles match to determine a new Champion, but one ref ruled VSK’s pinfall, while another ruled Maluta by DQ, so the Champion will be determined in a 2/3 fall match on 7/19.

07/19/09: VSK beats Sean Maluta in 2 straight falls for vacant title, Allentown, PA

11/07/09: Adam Cole beats VSK for title, Allentown, PA

03/06/10: Gentleman Dave Rose pins Adam Cole with a handful of tights, Allentown, PA

07/18/10: Lance Anoa’i beats Dave Rose in a 3-way match, also featuring Mikey Valentino, Allentown, PA, then announces plans to give up title and go to college.

08/07/10: Lance Anoa’i vs “2 nd to None” Alex Anthony ends in a no contest, Allentown, PA. Lance gives belt to Anthony, who is recognized as Champion.

02/05/11: Commissioner Maven Bentley announces that Alex Anthony is stuck in Japan and unable to attend. Bentley wants to award the title to Lane Anoa’i, but Lance wants to win it in a match… Later, Drolix wins a 6-way match over Nui Tofinga, Luca, Sgt. RJR, The Man’s Man and Jay Flyer to earn a match against Lance next month.

03/05/11: Lance Anoa’i beats Drolix for vacant title, Allentown, PA.

05/07/11: “2 nd to None” Alex Anthony beats Lance Anoa’i, Allentown, PA.


11/15/08: All Money Is Legal Version IV (K.Pusha & Devious) win elimination match over Hot Shots (Teddy Stigma & Ryan McBride), John The Man & Mr. Harrison, and Wigeezy & William Farnsworth III for inaugural titles, Allentown, PA

02/07/09: All Money Is Legal (K. Pusha & K. Murda) vs. Flyin Hawaiian & Suli Afi ended in a double-pin when ref Matt Bennett counted one team’s pin while previously incapacitated ref Rob Lick regained his faculties and counted the other’s. Commissioner Maven Bentley vacated the titles.

06/06/09: John Bane and X-Treme Billy Dream grab the belts in Go For the Gold match, Allentown, PA. Belts are later referred to as the Elite Tag Team Titles.

10/10/09: Referee Rob Lick relays message from Commissioner Maven Bentley that the Titles are held up due to Billy Dream’s inactivity, Drums, PA. Tournament pending.

06/20/10: Devon Moore & Sabian beat Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (EC Negro & KC Blade) for vacant Elite Tag Team Titles, Tamaqua, PA

05/28/11: AC Anderson & Havoc beat Moore & Sabian, Easton, PA.


09/05/09: Mercedes Martinez defeats Nikki Roxx and Jana in elimination match for inaugural title, Allentown, PA (Nikki pinned Jana, then was pinned by Mercedes).

08/07/10: It may have been mentioned on commentary that Mercedes was being stripped of title for failure to defend. However, Martinez would defend the belt in December.

12/04/10: Mercedes Martinez was allowed to defend the title, but lost in a 3-way match against Miss Karissa, who pinned Niya for the belt while Samu distracted Martinez.

02/05/11: Commissioner Maven Bentley vacates the title due to Karissa being injured, but Karissa appears at promotional events with the newly designed title belt.

04/02/11: Niya pins Kellie Skater for vacant title, Allentown, PA