Jake Crist (2) Jesse Emerson Hamilton, OH 12-17-11
Jesse Emerson BJ Whitmer Norwood, OH 8-27-11
BJ Whitmer (2) Gerome Phillips Norwood, OH 3-19-11
Gerome Phillips (2) Jon Moxley Middletown, OH 7-14-10
Jon Moxley (3) Aaron Williams Middletown, OH 1-6-10
Aaron Williams King Vu Norwood, OH 12-19-09
King Vu Jake Crist Norwood, OH 8- 22-09
Jake Crist Jon Moxley Cincinnati, OH 7-11-08
* Jake Crist and Jon Moxley competed in a Championship Playoff Match to fill the vacant championship
BJ Whitmer Brian Jennings Dayton, OH 1-18-08
* Injuries forced BJ Whitmer to relinquish the HWA Heavyweight Title on June 11, 2008
Brian Jennings Jon Moxley Cincinnati, OH 1-2-07
Jon Moxley (2) Fatal Four Way Dayton, OH 12-30-06
Pepper Parks (2) Chad Collyer Cincinnati, OH 11-7-06
* Pepper Parks surrendered the HWA Heavyweight Title on December 5, 2006
Chad Collyer (3) Jon Moxley Cincinnati, OH 9-12-06
Jon Moxley Pepper Parks Cincinnati, OH 5-9-06
Pepper Parks Tournament Finals Cincinnati, OH 1-3-06
Cody Hawk (4) Matt Stryker Cincinnati, OH 9-23-05
* Cody Hawk stripped of the HWA Heavyweight Title in November 2005
Matt Stryker (4) Shawn Osborne Cincinnati, OH 6-17-05
Shawn Osborne Rory Fox Dayton, OH 3-25-05
Rory Fox El Temor Cincinnati, OH 3-30-04
El Temor Nigel McGuinness Cincinnati, OH 3-17-04
Nigel McGuinness (2) Hoss Cincinnati, OH 1-6-04
Hoss Nigel McGuinness Batavia, OH 1-3-04
Nigel McGuinness Chad Collyer Batavia, OH 9-6-03
Chad Collyer (2) Ala Hussein Aurora, IN 5-2-03
Ala Hussein Matt Stryker Cincinnati, OH 4-15-03
Matt Stryker (3) Cody Hawk Wilmington, OH 3-29-03
Cody Hawk (3) Matt Stryker Wilmington, OH 3-24-03
Matt Stryker (2) Chet Jablonski Batavia, OH 1-3-03
Chet Jablonski Matt Stryker Batavia, OH 11-9-02
Matt Stryker Cody Hawk Cincinnati, OH 9-17-02
Cody Hawk (2) Lance Cade Jeffersonville, IN 7-21-02
Lance Cade (2) Johnny The Bull Batavia, OH 7-20-02
Johnny The Bull (2) Lance Cade Batavia, OH 7-20-02
Lance Cade Johnny The Bull Jeffersonville, IN 5-19-02
Johnny The Bull Race Steele Dayton, OH 5-8-02
Race Steele (5) Stevie Richards Jeffersonville, IN 3-17-02
Stevie Richards Rico Constantino Dayton, OH 3-15-02
Rico Constantino EZ Money Dayton, OH 1-29-02
EZ Money (2) Awarded The Title Dayton, OH 1-29-02
Charlie Haas EZ Money Dayton, OH 1-9-02
* Charlie Haas was stripped of the HWA Heavyweight Title on 1-29-02
EZ Money Tournament Finals Dayton, OH 11-14-01
Race Steele (4) Nick Dinsmore Dayton, OH 8-18-01
* HWA Heavyweight Title held up on September 30, 2001
Nick Dinsmore Race Steele Cincinnati, OH 8-9-01
Race Steele (3) Cody Hawk Batavia, OH 8-4-01
Cody Hawk Race Steele Cincinnati, OH 7-7-01
Race Steele (2) Shark Boy Rising Sun, IN 3-16-01
Shark Boy Tournament Finals Cincinnati, OH 2-27-01
Chad Collyer Race Steele Rising Sun, IN 1-26-01
* Chad Collyer was stripped of the HWA Heavyweight Title in February 2001
Race Steele Tournament Finals Cincinnati, OH 5-25-00
D. Lo Brown (2) Bobby Blaze Lima, OH 3-16-96
* HWA Heavyweight Title was inactive from June 1996 - May 2000
Bobby Blaze D. Lo Brown Ashland, KY 3-9-96
D. Lo Brown Tournament Finals Ft Wright, KY 1-5-96