Aditya Arya Archive

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Aditya Arya Archive
The Aditya Arya Archive is based on the almost forgotten photographs of the important early Independence movement photographer Kulwant Roy (1914-1984). Founded by his nephew, a professional photographer, the archive is actively pursuing the restoration of other collections on the verge of being lost to history.

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Twenty five years after the passing of his uncle, Kulwant Roy, when photographer Aditya Arya opened the boxes that had been bequeathed to him, he was astounded. He was looking at a treasurehouse of images of pre- and post-independent India. Photographs systematically organised and annotated, negatives carefully packed together, notes painstaking scribbled at the back of fading photographs.

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A lifetime of work of photojournalist, Kulwant Roy. And so it was that Aditya Arya’s journey of archiving began. Drawing from a collection of thousands of old prints and cracked negatives, the initial recovery has led to an exhibition of selected works in Delhi, the generation of worldwide interest in Roy’s work, and the establishment of the Aditya Arya Archive.

The team at the Archive is led by Aditya Arya, and draws upon the expertise of established archivists, historians, researchers, restorers, designers, writers and filmmakers.

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