SatMat - Venue & Cafe opens 12pm, Films start 1pm

  • A Long Haul - USA 2010 - 44mins.
    Nathaniel Kramer

    A LONG HAUL is a documentary depicting the struggles of a charter boat captain whose seasonal summer business has fallen prey to a bad economy, high fuel prices, loss of customers and depleted fish populations.

    He is forced to moonlight as a captain on a broken down commercial fishing trawler to make ends meet.

  • Wood of Value - Norway 2010 - 16 mins.
    Bjorn Bratberg

    'Wood of value' is an observational documentary of a tree's journey from the forests of Norway to the metropolis of London. The annual tradition of transporting a Christmas tree across the North Sea has been running for more than 60 years in appreciation of British aid during the Second World War.

    The documentary depicts the journey and the people who assist the tree on its way.

  • Christmas Lights - Australia 2008 - 21 mins.
    Lizzie Fisher

    Ever wondered what drives people to spend up to 11 months of the year and thousands of dollars on Christmas lights?
    For Jack and Milvia Watson—the journey is particularly personal. They delight in the thousands of people who visit her home each Christmas to see the spectacular display.
    Peter and Lynne Greenway began stringing Christmas lights 18 years ago, now they have  a whopping 52,000 lights adorning their ‘gingerbread house’ and towering eucalypts nearby.
    His passion is shared by Lauraine and Peter Overton, who spend eight weeks each year preparing their display, which transforms their home into a Christmas wonderland complete with resident Santa Claus, motorised reindeer and snow machine!
  • Heavy Metal Junior - UK 2005 - 24 mins.
    Chris Waitt

    This might be an oldie but it still has staying power...
    Five Scottish lads, ages 10 to 13, get ready for a public performance with their heavy metal band, "Hatred."

    They rehearse, fire their bass player, audition for a new one, make a CD at a recording studio, and prepare for the big day.

  • 11 Degrees - UK 2009 - 8 mins.
    Anna Ewart

    This film follows the development of a skiing season in a Scottish ski resort. It explores the effects the climate change has on the Scottish winters and consequently on the ski resort.

    Narrated by one of the lift operators, we are introduced to this old fashioned place with its slow pace of life, dominated by the rhythms of the lifts and the machines.

    Starting at the height of the winter season, the film depicts an idyllic scenery which suddenly takes a shift when the temperature rises to 11 Degrees over night.

    Due to less snowfall and more rain, skiing has become more difficult in Scotland.
  • In Search of Subject Matter -
    UK 2009 - 17 mins.
    Stuart McInnes

    The Pushkar Camel Fair (Mela) takes place in November each year and brings camel traders and 50,000 camels from all over India to be sold and traded.

    In Search of Subject Matter is layered documentary following the creative process of photographer Joseph Colligan. Expanding on previous films about photographers but focusing closely on the subjects on both sides of the lens.
    How does a photographer find a story? How are the images collected? What is the investigative process behind the final product?

    Joseph builds his photographic story and ultimately uncovers a sad truth that could affect local people and their livestock forever. The film concludes with the resultant powerful photo essay.



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