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Family Feud

Wendy the Retard and her family compete against the KKK Guy Daniel Carver and his family, some of the questions were, what is the worst thing you could call a Jew? Some of the answers from the Carver family was Kike which was a number 1 answer, the other correct answers were heeb and dirty Jew and cheap, then there was a retarded category with the question, What is an occupation a retarded person can do? Some of the right answers were janitor, McDonald’s worker, busboy, ironically the Carver’s won that round too…The next question was name a black person who acts white? seems both sides had a difficult time with this one, it was Colin Powell, Al Roker, Denzel Washington and Bryant Gumbel. The next question was what is the worst thing you can call a black person? The Carver family took it all with answers like nigger, porch monkey etc… The Carver family ended up winning the ten thousand dollars.

Wendy the Retard

Daniel Carver

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Win Freds Money

Win Fred’s Money, pits contestants against Fred. Each answers a series of questions, the one with the most right answers win. In this episode Jason plays against Fred and only gets one right, while Fred blows him away….

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Homeless Howywood Squares

The game Homeless Howywood Squares is played with like Tic Tac Toe with secret squares a mockery of The Hollywood Squares, with contestants like KKK Guy, Jaye P Morgan, David Peale and Underdog Lady. Howard also brings in some hot homeless ladies to spice up the game, the contestants answer a series of questions such as is length or girth more important to women? or Do dogs pass gas? the answers to questions like this determine the winner.
Hollywood Squares intro 1977

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Can you Guess my Secret?

The next game that is highlighted is Guess My Secret, the players were William Shatner, Elephant Boy and Colt 40 Feinberg. Howard brought in a hot looking woman named Jennifer and the guys try to guess her secret. No one guesses her secret, which is that she can smoke a cigarette with her private area…..

Colt 40 Feinberg

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Game Show Highlights

The guys are still on vacation, this week will highlight game shows… We start with a bit about the game show “The Weakest Dink“, the game consists of the staff, Howard, Artie, Robin, Gary, Stuttering John, Casey and Fred along who each have a partner who are all listeners, the partners go into the green room while the staff answer a series of questions. They have ten seconds to answer each question, there are four questions in each round and a total of four rounds. Each round the weakest dink is eliminated.

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Eddie Murphy Interview

Eddie Murphy was a mystery guest and Howard was talking to him. Eddie laughed with his distinctive laugh while Howard was talking about how big he was, Howard then picked up some phone calls and asked the people if they wanted to take a guess at who it was in the studio. He was giving away tubes of Preparation H as gifts for the winner, the first caller got it right when he said it was Eddie Murphy. Howard talked to Murphy about living in Roosevelt, Long Island which is where he grew up too. Howard and Robin told Eddie how funny he was and how great his new album was. Howard continued talking to Eddie about his work on Saturday Night Live. They talked about his Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood bit and things like that. Howard said that Eddie is a genius in his opinion. Eddie didn’t have much of anything to say during the interview. Howard said he thought he was going to be able to get him on a roll but that didn’t happen. He said that his lips were brown from kissing his ass so much.

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Bathroom Olympics

Howard came up with the idea to do the Bathroom Olympics, Robin liked the idea so Howard got some contestants on the phone to play along with them. He got a woman on the line and said they’d play for an album and a tube of ”Prep H.” Howard told her that he was going to jump up, run out of the studio and run to the bathroom, it was about 15 yards away. He asked the woman how long it was going to take him to do that. She guessed 7 minutes, then she changed her mind to 10 minutes. Another caller guessed that it was going to take 66 seconds, and the third caller said 2 minutes and 5 seconds. Howard took a two way radio with him so he could talk while doing it, he was back in 2 minutes and 7 seconds. Caller number three had one….

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Ups and Downs

Howard’s wife gave birth to their first daughter on May 7, 1983 which was an exciting highlight in his life, Howard vowed to be the best dad he could be and give her a great life. Shortly after Randy Baungarten started working at WNBC. Robin said that those were the good years there at NBC because Randy understood the show, and was interested in letting the talent do the things that would let the talent be successful. Randy paired up Howard Stern and Imus in a TV commercial, because Imus and Howard pissed off a lot of people and they were going to have them apologize to the audience in the commercial. Imus and Howard didn’t have any lines in the commercial, they just stood there as Randy did his thing and apologized to the audience. Imus received a gold Rolex for appearing in that commercial. Howard said that he remembers doing the commercial and what a pain in the ass Imus was that day, nobody on the show liked Imus, Robin said he was a drunk, he was dirty insulting and had scabs all over his nose. Imus went to Howard’s boss and said to stop Robin from insulting him, however Imus used to insult Robin racially on air by calling her a negro and spearchucker! Howard said that he got Imus on the phone again and this wasn’t a bit they were doing, it was really him. Howard talked to Imus and asked him what he’s doing calling in. Imus said that the reason Howard had Robin there is because they have a new affirmative action program going on there. Howard mentioned something about Imus’ show and Imus hung up on him.

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Jackie the Joke Man Martling joins Howard

Jackie the Joke Man Martling joined the show in February of 1983, Howard said he didn’t remember exactly how it came about but he and Fred thought it would be cool to have Martling come in and do something once a week. Fred said that they had the Stump the Joke Man thing that they did and that Jackie would get almost every joke right when the listeners would call in with them. Martling would come in and he’d write jokes for Howard and pass the notes to him. Jackie said that he wasn’t sure when that started happening but he remembered Howard doing the “Mama Lookaboobooday” character on the show. Al Rosenberg said that if Martling laughed at a joke during the show, you knew that he wrote it, if he didn’t laugh, it was something Fred or Howard wrote.

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Reality Show with Howard

Howard used to call his mom often while on the air in New York, both his parents had gone on air to do a few shows with Howard. Seems Imus thought it was a great idea doing that, so much so that he called Howard’s mom because he wanted a mom on his show! Howard talks about being so close to his mom now that she can reach him at anytime, one time he called to tell her that he will wear what he wants to, he said he is wearing jeans to the Bar Mitzvah. Howard seemed to have the power to turn regular people into celebrities. Fred talked about how Janie the Cleaning Lady was one of the nicest people in the world, she would just do her job and didn’t complain about it. They played a clip where Janie the Cleaning Lady was talking about her hang over from partying the night before and she ended up reading a fan letter she got about her appearing on the show. Howard also had Bob Hope on the show and he decided to interview him as a out of the closet Stern, Bob Hope was a bit confused and did not find it amusing at all. Kevin Metheny Howard’s old boss, was talking about how he was trying to keep Howard under control but he was actually trying to keep him out of trouble. He said that he was trying to get the Standards and Practices people to lighten up back then and Howard probably didn’t know about that. Al Rosenberg talked about Howard using the word smegma on the air one day and how they got into trouble with management after that, Howard also did a gay spoof of ”2001 A Space Odyssey” called ”2010 A Gay Space Odyssey.”

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