CS For Kids hits 10 million views

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Not even two years since it was released and Counter-Strike For Kids has just passed the ten million viewcount mark today in the afternoon. It’s been consistently getting views since it got uploaded to the Machinima youtube channel and is the #1 most viewed video (that isn’t the trailer for Avatar) out of their entire 9000+ video set on the regular channel. Last November I put out a “CS For Kids: Extras” video that served as an addendum to the original release with commentary, behind the scenes look, and a little introduction.

I just want to say how happy I am to be responsible for making a video that went up on youtube and machinima.com that was an instant viral success enjoyed obviously by so many people. Everyone else who helped I hope feels the same way, and thank you all – cast, crew, and of course, our awesome audience. Going to go put the birthday cake at Billy’s house now.

We should be seeing a new short video this week. Team Fortress 2 and other source game updates broke the Source SDK faceposer, so that put the TF2 video on halt. So, in the meantime, I got to work on a GMOD mini-tutorial video that you will see up on the web in a few days maximum.


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19 Responses to “CS For Kids hits 10 million views”

  1. Ice-T Says:


  2. Ulixes Says:

    Epic win!

  3. Problem? Says:

    We love you guiz <3
    Grats on the views. Now to go after the Avatar trailer, amirite?

  4. JackIsASpy Says:

    Too bad everyone died.

  5. mike Says:

    i love you xanatos, dont let the man keep you down!

  6. Amauri Rodriguez Says:

    Where can I get this b*tch, I want it

  7. killer Says:

    but where CAN I DOWNLOAD IT!!!???

  8. killer Says:

    counterstrike for kids i mean

  9. petko Says:

    iskam igrata molq vi

  10. Vinicius Says:

    Please download the skin are many cool kids

  11. nanko Says:


  12. V1P3R Says:

    Congrats man. :) )

  13. Alex Says:

    where can i download it i liked it very much

  14. how4download Says:

    where can i download cs 4 kids?

  15. Basit Says:

    Xantos Sucks…………
    I Hate Him and Why No Body Is Telling Me From Where I Can Get Mod For Kids..

  16. Ulixes Says:

    Basit its because we dont like to lie bro. Hope you inderstand. Plus didnt your parents ever teach you to not lie? Or shit like that…

  17. Alexander Says:

    voy a probarlo espero que funciones

  18. Kaka Says:

    where can i find counter strike for kids

  19. ontwo273 Says:

    come on plan b website

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