Quote mined scientist denounces Quran miracle claims - Allison (Pete) Palmer


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Uploaded by on Mar 2, 2012

Following a presentation he made in the 1980's Pete Palmer is one of the many scientists that people claim have attested to the miraculous contents of the Quran.

This video is an uncut interview with Pete Palmer nearly 30 years later asking him to explain this experience in detail, and his thoughts on the matter.

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  • Great to see you again, Rationalizer. Glad someone out there gives a shit about "what's factual and what's been spread as misinformation". Looking forward to the rest of the series.

  • Superb! I wish there were more people like you who care about getting to the truth.

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This video is a response to christian scientist confirm Quran is true!
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  • @rzadan CONTD , According to quran Sun sets in a murky water. ( which in turn it would mean that the earth is falt . this my conclusion , it is not written in that verse.

    Once again , asking for the verse saying that, would mean you can not believ that such an absurd claim would be in a book from god ( quran ) , then you will get it.

  • @rzadan "There is nothing scientific teaching in quran. In fact quran is full of unscientific claims. Muslims know it and they are very shamed of that."

    Why don't you enlighten us with some examples... as usual this is the area which you repeatedly fail in.

  • There is nothing scientific teaching in quran. In fact quran is full of unscientific claims. Muslims know it and they are very shamed of that. That is why they must make such a lies to cheat muslims by such a lies so they keep their faith . And by keeping their faith , they will keep pating sakah and money to Imams. I really pitty muslims. We must inform them about these impostors , and the biggest impostor of all time , namely , pedopile , murderer muhammad.

  • Muslims who made these lie about this scientist , knew very well that it will be exposed in west. But all they wanted was to cheat their own ppl. Because most of muslims are so ignorant that they wont ever doubt about such a lies and accept whatever they are told by their Imams.

  • What Muslims did to this scientists speech is what we call taking things out of context. But when we simply recite verses exactly as it is in quran and show people how evil they are , muslims start crying , hey , this is out of context. Quran doesnt say that.


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