Beyoncé to Release ABOVE AND BEYONCE Video Collection & Dance Mixes!


New DVD/CD Collection,
Showcasing Iconic Superstar's First Foray Into Electronica, Available Nationwide at Wal-Mart Tuesday, June 16

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Music World/Columbia Records proudly announces the release of Above and Beyoncé Video Collection & Dance Mixes. Providing a showcase for Beyoncé's first foray into the world of electronica, Above and Beyoncé is a breathtaking assemblage of groundbreaking music videos and dance-oriented remixes of chart-topping tracks from the artist's #1 international smash hit album, I AM...SASHA FIERCE.

Above and Beyoncé Video Collection & Dance Mixes will be available nationwide exclusively through Wal-Mart, and at J&R Music World in New York, beginning Tuesday, June 16. Above and Beyoncé will also be made available in Canada and Japan.

An essential companion to Beyoncé's best-selling I AM...SASHA FIERCE album, the Above and Beyoncé DVD brings together the superstar's immensely popular videos from the album, including clips of her new single "Ego" (featuring Kanye West) and the iconic "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)," whose intricate choreography launched what the Toronto Star called "the first major dance craze of both the new millennium and the Internet." The hour-long DVD includes seven full-length music videos as well as 20 minutes of exclusive behind-the-scenes b-roll footage, making the collection a must-have for Beyoncé fans the world over.

Adding to the collection's indispensability, Above and Beyoncé includes a pumping party-ready CD of cutting-edge electronica, hit tracks from I AM...SASHA FIERCE remixed for this collection by some of the hottest producers and mixers in dance music today.

Beyoncé, whose success on the dance charts dates back to Destiny's Child's "No No No Pt. 1" in 1997, first hit #1 as a solo artist on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart with 2003's "Crazy In Love." She's enjoyed three successive #1 Hot Dance Music/Club Play singles from I AM...SASHA FIERCE: "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)," "Diva," and "Halo" while a fourth single, the dance mix of "If I Were A Boy" peaked at #2 on that chart. Above and Beyoncé includes video clips and remixes of all four songs as well as videos and a remix, featuring Kanye West, of "Ego," Beyoncé's latest single.

Above and Beyoncé Video Collection & Dance Mixes - tracklisting DVD 1.  If I Were A Boy 2.  Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) 3.  Diva 4.  Halo 5. Broken-Hearted Girl 6. Ego  (Fan Exclusive) 7. Ego (featuring Kanye West) b-roll footage

1.  If I Were A Boy (Maurice Joshua Mojo UK Remix) 2.  Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (DJ Escape & Tony Coluccio Remix) 3.  Diva (Karmatronic Remix) 4.  Halo (Dave Audé Remix) 5. Broken-Hearted Girl (Catalyst Remix) 6. Ego (DAC Remix) 7. Sweet Dreams (dance mix) 8. Ego (Remix featuring Kanye West)

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beyonce is of da chains!!!!!!!!!!!! i cnt wait ta get dis dvd.......... beyonce bring out a next album plz wen u finish wit dis one try an take ova dis decade an mariah an win da decade award. i wan u to b da queen of all music i wan u to go diamond i wan u to take ova!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love u b....................................... i love dis album i tink dis her best yet.

K.dawg 242

man i love beyonce like no other lolz ... she is a str8888 beast for sure. she is an icon good perfomer/entertainer.. and a wonderfull singer.. well to dha point i heard ha i am tour is off dha chain i cant wait.. im jus asking or for u to consider to change ur dc medley when you come to north america us... to like bills bills bugga boo independent women survior defenitly and for u to sing more of the songs instead of dancing i mean its good but i would love for u to sing the songs.. and also to include dangerously in love in the tour and it would be peerfect !!! Smiling

hey beyonce online....... this is bryonna beyonce's number # 1 FAN. hit me up xoxoxo love ya MRSZ. SASHA FIERCE

will not launch here in Brazil not? I want to buy!
I Love U so much Bee ♥

I Love you Beyoncé !!!
You are Perfect !!!
You are Diva !!!
You are my hero !!!
You are my life !!!

I'm from Rio De janeiro - Brazil
Come do your show here in Rio De Janeiro!


can i buy here in Manila,Philippines !!!!!????

i really want the DVD !!


give me info !




I want to buy this DVD too! When would I be able to find it in HK?
love you Beyonce~~**

Is this dvd/cd album be only released in japan in asia....

If there's a will there's a way... so i'll have this no matter what...


Please release this here in the Philippines....


Im just so glad its coming out on my B'Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The real #1 fan!!!!

i cnt wait til the new dvd comes out!!!! i know its gonna be amazing!

can't wait the DVD.
will she release it worldwide?
i live outside us. >.<

hope she will release it worldwide.

I can't wait for your new video and dance mix to come out. I love to see her dance she is so beautiful. This is going to be big for me becuase I can learn all of her dance moves off her upcoming releases. I get to watch all of her videos I havent seen yet and to look at the ones I love the most. I love Beyonce so much she is my idol I cant wait to see her on stage one last time. Im going to cry my heart out because its going to be a beautiful moment for me. Love you from the bottom of my heart. Don't you ever go away I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love everything about you your hair,eyes,voice, your talents, your family, the way you dress, the way you carry yourself as a female, the way you dance, the way you talk to people, everything. I pray for you almost every night. I cant wait to see you in person its going to be like a fairy tale. Beyonce hear this out I AM YOUR NUMBER 1 FAN IN THE WORLD(THE WORLD) God has blessed me with someone I can look up to as a role model. All of my friends says Im obsessed with you and they're telling the truth. B is for being beautiful-E is for being so excellent to me-Y is for being so young and gorgeous-O is for being outstanding when you hit that stage-N is for never letting your fans down-C is for communicating and helping people in need you are a good person Beyonce and E- is for everything that you do for us # 1 fans out there in the world. I love you Beyonce promise to never let me down you stay strong out there with those HATERS. yOUR DoINg A FaNTAsTiC Job. (LOV3 YoUR # 1 FAN)

beyonce is just amazinq in er thanq she do


hey when do we get to see the wedding pics? i really wanted to see the dress espcially!! Smiling


I bet the dvd will be a hit!

Would you make a super deluxe CD for your "I Am.. Sasha Fierce" album like what you did for "B'day" ? I bought the deluxe edition of B'day and am sure that it's worth more than what I paid for it. Smiling and am also sure that it'll happen again when I have this new cd compilation Smiling

God Bless to this project!

Manila, Philippines

I hope that we can buy this DVD/CD collection in Europa. I am from Czech and I want Above and Beyoncé too!XoXo

can't wait!, isn't this DVD suppose to have a music vidoe for every song on the album?, after all that's what I heard Beyonce say.
Love Beyonce she is sexy, and hot in every way

Love Beyonce she is sexy, and hot in every way

ugh.. cant wait !!! ima work hard ta learn that dance fa reallzzzz !!!! lol

I Am......................Lamonte' Fierce..

I Am......................Lamonte' Fierce..

I can not wait until the DVD comes out. I LOVE BEYONCE. She is so talented...A TRIPLE THREAT. My dad once told me I was to old to be a fan... YOU R NEVER TO OLD FOR BEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when does your "ABOVE AND BEYONCE" arrive to Indonesia, we are waiting for your new DVD/CD and your I Am... World Tour Concert 2009 !!


Dvd seems like it will be enjoyable!


i love you beyonce