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Ancestry of Peter Fonda

Peter Fonda's famous family tree includes his father (Henry), sister (Jane), and daughter (Bridget). Born in New York City, February 23, 1939, Peter entered the University of Omaha at the age of 17 as a sophomore. He broke into acting in the Omaha Playhouse's production of Harvey and later made his Broadway debut at the age of 21 in Blood, Sweat, and Stanley Poole. His early career took shape amid comparisons to his famous father but he made a name for himself in the 1969 motorcycle odyssey Easy Rider, (a film he wrote, acted in, and produced). In a career that has spanned more than three decades, Fonda has appeared in more than 80 projects. In 1997, Fonda received an Academy Award nomination and popular acclaim for his starring role in Ulee's Gold.

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Surname List
Bower, Breese, Bries, Capel, DeVillers, Fonda, Ford, Jaynes, Lamphear, Merrill, Nichols, Norton, Seymour, Skinner, Watson
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