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The Philco-Ford Peace Ruby Project

Joe Salute sent in some pictures from Peace Ruby. The Peace Ruby program added AC&W radar sites and communications to the south of Iran, it supplemented the Spellout system to the north which provided radar coverage along the Russian boarder from Mashad to Tabriz. A later project, Peace Net, fully integreted these two systems into a state of the art air control and  defense system.

The Bander Abbas Site

The Jask Site

The Bushehr Site

Got some photos to add to this page ?

The Spellout/Peace Ruby/Peace net systems played a significant role in the cold war. It would be nice to have more information about them here.

It would be especially nice to have some photos that would put a human face on the guys & gals who created it.

If you have any photos, or stories to contribute to this page just drop a line to JayC@ExReps.Com 

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