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On the Surface

On the Surface


is a column in by Paul De Schutter (Belgium).                                                                                      

Articles so far:



Exfoliation Domes

Impact Craters

Palsas & Lithalsas




Wind Streaks on Mars


To be continued.

If you have any comments or additional information you want to share about the topics covered in this column, you are welcome to send them to paulds@pi.be.

On the Rocks

  When OUGS members go 'rocking all over the world' it is often an enriching experience, one to be shared with others. Some like to share their riches in written form. This could be in our newsletter, €U(RO)CK, but it might also be elsewhere.

On this page we refer to articles not brought in our newsletter.

We start out with an article, Rolling Rocks, which is written by our coordinator, Annette Kimmich, and originally appeared in Open Eye, the supplement of the Independent Newspaper on Tuesday 6 June 2000.

In "My first field trip ..." Annette Kimmich tells how .... well, you should read it. (Field trips are fun, not completely serious all the time, and do have a very positive social side).

More from the Alps. Isa Adams joined the Alps OUGS field trip (July 2000) for a couple of days. Read: "What wouldn't I do for a tutorial?".

An OUGS Symposium is of course first and foremost lectures, but it is more than that. It is getting together with people from other branches. It is to a limited extent also local geology in the form of "geo events" or fieldtrips. "Local" doesn't mean that it isn't significant on a "global" scale. Ole Nielsen tries to deduce global events from local rocks in "Global worry at local quarry".

Concrete facts about ferricrete. See for yourself!

The OUGS Symposium 2001 was in Dublin. How about doing Northern Ireland? Before you go - read: A Potted Geology of Northern Ireland.

Your webmaster went to the Dublin Symposium, and here is his impressions from one the field trips.

On the Regions

Regional Geology

(Overview over articles on this website more or less concerning a certain country/region)

Country Article
Austria AGM in Vienna - January 2004
Czech Republic Up a Volcano by Bike
Denmark Denmark, Dinosaurs & Death

Languedoc Volcanics
Three days in the Pyrenées
Geology & Wine
A weekend in Vosges
Pink, Pink Everywhere! (Britanny, granite)
And I Thought it was just Chalk! (Dordogne)
French Jura - Field trip.
Volcanoes of Auvergne - Field Trip
The Haute Provence Geological Reserve
Barrême - Major type section threatened by industrial development


Solhofen by Bike
The Basel Weekend (Kaiserstuhl)
More Pictures from Kaiserstuhl
Wet Armchair Geology (Munich)
Field Trip to Volcanic Eifel 2004
Crossing the Danube, with dry feet (the source of the Danube)
Ries Impact Crater

Great Britain

Global worry at local quarry (Ercall, Shropshire)
All around the Wrekin (Shropshire)
Field Trip to Lancashire


Santorini Field trip
Magma Mixing Memories - Santorini, October 2002

Greenland Greenland (OUGSME field trip 2003)

Iceland revisited
Another type of jökulhlaup triggering event

(Republic + Northern Ireland)

A Potted Geology of Northern Ireland
Ferricrete (Dingle Peninsula)
Limestone Turbidites, Zebra Quartz, and Zebra Dolomite (Loughshinny, North Co. Dublin)


Reports and pictures from our Etna Field Trip 19-26 May 2001
Updates on Etna eruptions
Etna Revisited — Field Trip 2004.


Geological weekend and AGM 2003
Looking at Luxembourg (Sandstone)

Mediteranean The Messinian Salinity Crisis
Norway Kvitskriuprestene
South Africa Johannesburg Geology
Spain Atapuerca
Switzerland What wouldn't I do for a tutorial
Ophicalcite - (Plate-tectonic evidence) (Davos)
Turkey Field Trip to Cappadocia 2004.


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