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Shipwrecks, including the discovery of shipwrecks and the conservation and restoration of artifacts found.

Activities include:

The Old Sea Chest (storybuilding)


The Dugong Meadow by Naomi Mairou (2002, Trapdoor Press, Machans Beach)


Arabia (USA - the excavation of a steamship & preservation of her cargo)

Batavia (TV documentary about the shipwreck off Western Australia - a replica has been built)

Batavia ("Mutiny on the Batavia" - a unit of work for upper primary)

Bronze Age Boat (conservation of the world's oldest known seagoing boat)

Conservation & Preservation (information about restoring corroded artefacts)

Design & Technology 4 - Grand Designs & Great Failures (web based activity for grades 7-8)

Marine Institute (choose from 24 topics designed for teachers & students)

Maritime Information Gateway (great starting point for researching all things maritime!)

Queen Anne's Revenge (the discovery & conservation of Blackbeard's ship)

Shackleton - A Voyage of Endurance (information, with animation)

Shipwreck - The Last Voyage of the East Indiaman Götheborg

Shipwrecks Act - Finders Keepers? (a unit of work for upper primary) 12 April 2005

Shipwrecks (details - Furneaux Islands)

Shipwrecks (details - King Island)

Shipwrecks (details - Macquarie Island)

Shipwrecks (details - Tasmanian, including King Island and the Furneaux group)

Shipwrecks (list - Furneaux Islands)

Shipwrecks (list - Kent Group)

Shipwrecks (list - King Island)

Shipwrecks (list - Tasmanian)

Tasmanian Images (search State Library for "wreck")

Our Children's Page:

The Pirate Club (children can contribute art, poetry, riddles etc and use the links to visit other fun sites on the Internet that are maritime related)


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