Welcome to Alisa III

Alisa III is in hasty construction due to the wise folk of our beautiful home of Palm having recently detected signs of the return of the great Evil known as Dark Force.  We believe Palm the home of St. Alis and St. Oden, is currently vulnerable to attack due to dangerous interference by the recently installed bio-controlling computer known as Mother Brain.  With word sent from his recently rediscovered relative Rolf on the desert planet of Mota (from which we base historical records for the construction of our central biosphere, section Aridia) the warrior Prince Orakia has made peace with the Esper Laya who leads the Esper of Palm such that both the Espers and Mortals of Palm shall be rescued by the exodus now in progress.  301 ships are being built, of which the Alisa III is the leader and abord which the families of Laya and Orakio and their decendants will remain.

We are overjoyed that Prince Orakio and Lady Laya could end the war that almost prevented the unification of Palm necessary for the exodus being planned and in preparation of the coming disaster.  We believe that the Esper war was the doing of the Mother Brain computer which gives further urgency if our plans to escape the possible destruction of Palm are to succeed.  It was only with thanks to word sent by the Esper leader Noah who now goes by the name Lutz from 10 years ago when he last awoke from endless slumber about the coming danger and bring Lady Laya to her senses.  It is also with thanks to Rolf of Mota that Orakio too could be made to see reason when a message sent just before Rolf was named a traitor of Mother Brain and prevented from ever contacting Orakio again for fear of being caught urged Orakio to sue for peace.  Now in peace the people of Laya and the people of Orakio with their mechanoid helpers shall embark on the great Palman journey.  We do not yet know where the Alisa III shall lead the people of Palm, but many signals have been found tracing a path from space station Noah where Mother Brain's CPU is located, and a distant planet we believe is called Earth.  These transmissions began with the erection of the Mother Brain computer, so we fear this computer may in fact be of extra Algoan nature which further indicated a need for action.

Below you will find all reference information of the construction of Alisa III.  Currently we have completed skeletal construction of the Frigidia module and construction has begun on the central module of Aridia major.  Further modules will be sent as they are build.  Transmission ends.