Tuesday 14th of September, 2010

Black Library at Games Day - Update

With the big day less than a month away, plans are coming together for Black Library at this year’s Games Day. We’ve got an incredible amount going on:

• A number of pre-release products available, including Horus Heresy: The First Heretic, Sabbat Worlds, Ciaphas Cain: The Emperor’s Finest and Zombieslayer.

• The UK Games Day chapbook, Bloodline, by James Swallow, for sale at the event

• A limited number of pre-signed titles on sale for the first time 

• Your chance to find out all about Black Library Digital, which launches in October

On top of all that, we’ve got our biggest ever line-up of author talent! In fact, there are so many top writers, we’ve had to split them into two groups just to fit them all in. If you’re looking to get your book signed on the day, here’s where and when you can find them...

Dan Abnett (with Nik Vincent), Aaron Dembski-BowdenGraham McNeill and James Swallow will be signing behind the Black Library’s retail area from 10am-12pm, and then from 1pm-4pm. The esteemed Mr Abnett is so in demand that he’ll also be joining Codex Productions, the people behind the Ultramarines movie, from 1pm-2pm, so feel free to go and say hi to him there as well.

Matt Farrer (who travels all the way from Australia to join us), Darius Hinks, Andy Hoare, Nick Kyme, Steve Lyons, Sandy MitchellGav Thorpe and Chris Wraight will be joined by artistes extrordinaire Neil Roberts and Jon Sullivan in the BL Signing stand, just to the left of the retail area. They’ll be signing from 10am-1pm, then rejoining us for the afternoon from 2pm-4pm.

Our retail area will also have pre-signed books available to buy, so if you’d like your books autographed without the wait, then make sure to grab yours at our sales stand!

We’re also delighted to announce that the first tickets for 2011’s Black Library Live! event will be on sale at Games Day. With only 300 spaces available, booking early will be essential, so don’t miss your chance to grab yours from the retail area.

So are you going to Games Day? And if not, why not? Tickets are available to buy from and cost just £30.

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Lupercal said:

Drooling at the opportunity to meet the authors and artists! See you all there

September 25th, 2010

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