Vice admiral Mohab Mamish

Commander In Chief Of The Egyptian Navy


General information

          Rank : Vice Admiral.

          Birth date : 6/8/1948

          Graduation year : 1971


Marital status

          Married ( Two Daughters ) .



           Bachelor Degree of Science - Naval academy .

           Submarines Emergency Escaping Course.

           Submarines General Knowledge Course.

           Military  Security Course.

           Masters Degree of Naval Science.

          Advanced War Course - Nasser Military Academy.

          Fellowship degree of Nasser Military Academy.

          Advanced Distinguished Superior leaders Course.


Courses Abroad & Legations

         United Kingdom (1980).

         Training Course United States of America (1983).

         United Arab Emirates (1987 - 1989).

         Peoples Republic of china (1992) .

         United States of America (1992).

         United States of America (1995).

         United States of America (1998) .

        Greece (1999) .

         France (2002).

         United States of America (2004).


Decorations and awards

          Medal of Training.

          Medal of long and Meritorious Service.

          Medal of Longevity Medal .

          Medal of Duty .

          Medal of 6th of October.

          Medal of the Egyptian Navy.

          Medal of the 20th Anniversary of the July Revolution .

          Medal of the 25th of April .

          Medal of October Warriors.

          Medal of Superior Service .

          Silver Jubilee of Saini Liberation.

          Medal of 23rd of July 50th Anniversary. ( Golden Jubilee )