Health screening & fairs

Biometric screenings. A jump-start toward better health.

Employee health screenings help lay the groundwork for a successful wellness program. And that leads to real ROI—and real results.

Making biometric screenings easy, we help your employees jump start their health with testing that informs. Professional, effective, and revealing.
We deal with the details.
When it comes to employee health screenings and health fairs, our experience and resources tell all. Coordinate at multiple, remote locations? Sure. HIPAA compliant? Absolutely. Health advisors that consult with participants after they get their numbers? Without a doubt. At our biometric screenings, we deal with the details, coordinate the talent, make it the talk of your company and deliver results.

There’s power in numbers.
It’s simple: The more a person knows about their health, the more likely they’ll change it. Your employees will walk away armed with the knowledge of numbers: blood pressure that’s too high, for example, or cholesterol that’s in the danger zone.

We make it easy for you.
Ability to register online or by phone? You bet. Satisfied employees? We have a 99 percent satisfaction rate. We make it easy for your employees—and you. Sit back and relax. We’ve got it covered.