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USS Anchor ARS 13
With more Anchor Photos
ARS-38.JPG (25947 bytes) USS Bolster ARS 38
With more Bolster Photos
cable.jpg (22893 bytes) USS Cable ARS 19 Note the laundry out drying (Circa 1944)
USS Clamp ARS 33
With more Clamp Photos
conie_small.jpg (2119 bytes) USS Conserver ARS 39
With more Conserver Photos
CurrentS_small.jpg (2008 bytes) USS Current ARS 22
With more Current Photos
Deliver.jpg (21562 bytes) USS Deliver ARS 23
With more Deliver Photos

USS Diver ARS 5
With more Diver Photos
 USS Escape ARS 6
With more Escape Photos
Grap_bob_small.jpg (1818 bytes)  USS Grapple ARS 7
With more Grapple Photos
USS Grasp ARS 24 
With more Grasp Photos
Hoist40_small.jpg (1695 bytes) USS Hoist ARS 40
With more Hoist Photos
USS Opportune ARS 41
With more Opportune Photos
USS Preserver ARS 8
With more Preserver Photos
Protector.jpg (24507 bytes) USS Protector ARS 14   Launched, 27 April 1943 Colberg Boat Works, Stockton, CA;  Decomm , 15 May 1946; Sold 16 December 1946 to Glen R Butt, Cambridge, MA, resold, 1952 to Pakistani interests
Reclaimer_small.jpg (1606 bytes) USS Reclaimer ARS 42 
With more Reclaimer Photos
RECOVERY_small.jpg (1582 bytes) USS Recovery ARS 43
With more Recovery Photos
Redwing.jpg (60906 bytes) USS Redwing ARS 4  Shown as AM 48 circa 1919 shortly before conversion to ARS.  Redwing was sunk by a mine 29 June 1943 off North Africa with Robert Blackman at the helm.    (Contributed By Robert Blackman)
 USS Safeguard ARS 25
With more Safeguard Photos
ARS-52.JPG (43110 bytes) USS Salvor ARS 52
With more Salvor Photos
Swivel.jpg (24707 bytes) USS Swivel  ARS 36 
With more Swivel  Photos
Ars.jpg (43839 bytes) USCGC Yocona WMEC 168 ex USS Seize ARS 26 Tied up to the North side of Ford island June 1999.  Scheduled to become a museum. (Contributed By Joe Lewis)


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