29-30 September 1864

Also known as

New Market Heights

Fort Harrison

Fort Johnson

Fort Gilmer

Laurel Hill


OR-Series I, Volume XLII, Chapter LIV, Pg. 133

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Union Forces






                   1st Division - Brigadier General Alfred H. Terry

            1st Brigade - Colonel Joshua B. Howell

39th Illinois Infantry Regiment --- Captain Lewis T. Whipple

62nd Ohio Infantry Regiment --- Colonel Francis B. Pond

67th Ohio Infantry Regiment --- Colonel Alvin C. Voris

85th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment --- Lieutenant Colonel Edward Campbell

            2nd Brigade - Colonel Joseph R. Hawley

6th Connecticut Infantry Regiment --- Major Daniel Klein

7th Connecticut Infantry Regiment --- Captain Seager S. Atwell

3rd New Hampshire Infantry Regiment --- Major James F. Randlett

7th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment --- Colonel Joseph C. Abbott

Detachment, 16th New York Heavy Artillery --- Major Thomas J. Strong

            3rd Brigade - Colonel Harris M. Plaisted

10th Connecticut Infantry Regiment --- Major Edwin S. Greeley

11th Maine Infantry Regiment --- Captain Simeon H. Merrill

1st Maryland Cavalry (dismounted) Regiment ---  Lieutenant Colonel Jacob H. Counselman

24th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment --- Captain George W. Gardner

100th New York Infantry Regiment --- Colonel George B. Dandy

                   2nd Division - Brigadier General Robert S. Foster

            1st Brigade - Colonel N. Martin Curtis

3rd New York Infantry Regiment --- Captain Jay M. Wicks

112th New York Infantry Regiment --- Lieutenant Colonel John F. Smith

117th New York Infantry Regiment --- Colonel Rufus Daggett

142nd New York Infantry Regiment --- Lieutenant Colonel Albert M. Barney

            2nd Brigade - Colonel William B. Barton

47th New York Infantry Regiment --- Captain George B. Kirby

48th New York Infantry Regiment --- Lieutenant Colonel William B. Coan

76th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment --- Captain Joseph R. Finley

97th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment --- Colonel Galusha Pennypacker

            3rd Brigade - Colonel Francis A. Osborn

3 Companies, 13th Indiana Infantry --- Captain Samuel M. Zent

9th Maine Infantry Regiment --- Captain Robert J. Gray

4th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment --- Lieutenant Colonel Jeremiah D. Drew

115th New York Infantry Regiment --- Captain William  H. Shaw

169th New York Infantry Regiment --- Lieutenant Colonel Alonzo Alden



                   1st Division - Brigadier General George J. Stannard

First Brigade - Colonel Aaron F. Stevens (W 29 Sep)

                        Lieutenant Colonel John B. Raulston

2nd New Hampshire Infantry Regiment --- Lieutenant Colonel Joab N. Patterson

13th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment -- Major Normand Smith(W)

                                                                        Captain Nathan D. Stoodley

81st New York Infantry Regiment -- Lieutenant Colonel John B. Raulston

98th New York Infantry Regiment -- Lieutenant Colonel William Krentzer

139th New York Infantry Regiment -- Major Embre Rogers

            2nd Brigade - Brigadier General Hiram Burnham (K 29 Sep)

                                    Colonel Michael T. Donohoe (W 29 Sep)

Colonel Edgar M. Cullen

8th Connecticut Infantry Regiment -- Captain Charles M. Coit

5th Maryland Infantry Regiment** --- Major David B . White

10th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment -- Lieutenant Colonel John Coughlin

96th New York Infantry Regiment -- Captain George W. Hindes

118th New York Infantry Regiment -- Lieutenant Colonel GeorgeF. Nichols

                        ** Not present, left in camp

            3rd Brigade - Colonel Samuel H. Roberts

                                    Colonel Edgar M. Cullen

21st Connecticut Infantry Regiment -- Captain James F. Brown

40th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment --- Captain  Wisner Park

92nd New York Infantry Regiment -- Captain Harry C. Fay

58th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment -- Major Charles A. Winn

188th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment -- Major Francis H. Reichard

                   2nd Division - Brigadier General Charles Adam Heckman

            1st Brigade - Colonel James Stewart Jr.

23rd Massachusetts Infantry Regiment --- Lieutenant Colonel John W. Raymond

25th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment --- Captain Albert H. Foster

27th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment --- Captain Pewter S. Bailey

9th New Jersey Infantry Regiment --- Captain Augustus Thompson

158th New York Infantry Regiment --- Colonel James Jourdan

55th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment --  Captain John C. Shearer

            2nd Brigade - Colonel George M. Guion

11th Connecticut Infantry Regiment --- Captain Francis T. Brown

8th Maine Infantry Regiment -- Major William M. McArthur

12th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment --- Captain Thomas E. Barker

148th New York Infantry Regiment --- Lieutenant Colonel John B. Murray

9th Vermont Infantry Regiment --- Colonel Edward H. Ripley

19th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment --- Lieutenant Edward O. Emerson

            3rd Brigade - Colonel Harrison S. Fairchild

89th New York Infantry Regiment -- Captain James Hazley

2nd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery Regiment --- Major James L. Anderson

                   3rd Division - Brigadier General Charles J. Paine

            1st Brigade** - Colonel John H. Holman

1st U.S. Colored Troops --- Major Henry S. Perkins

22nd U.S. Colored Troops --- Colonel Joseph B. Kiddoo

37th U.S. Colored Troops --- Lieutenant Colonel Abial G. Chamberlain

                        ** Also reported in 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, X Corps

            2nd Brigade - Colonel Alonzo G. Draper

5th U.S. Colored Troops --- Lieutenant Colonel Giles W. Shurtleff

36th U.S. Colored Troops --- Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin F. Pratt

7 Companies, 38th U.S. Colored Troops --- Lieutenant Colonel Dexter E. Clapp

            3rd Brigade - Colonel Samuel A. Duncan

4th U.S. Colored Troops --- Major Augustus S. Boernstein

6th U.S. Colored Troops --- Colonel John W. Ames

10th U.S. Colored Troops --- Lieutenant Colonel Edward H. Powell

            Independent Regiment --

2nd U.S. Colored (Dismounted) Cavalry --- Colonel George W. Cole


2 Companies, 79th New York Infantry --- Captain Henry G. Heffron

            Artillery Brigade - Colonel Alexander Piper

Battery K, 3rd New York Light Artillery --- Captain James R. Angel

Battery M, 3rd New York Light Artillery --- Captain John H. Howell

                   Cavalry Division - Brigadier General August Valentine Kautz

            1st Cavalry Brigade - Colonel Robert M. West

3rd New York Cavalry Regiment -- Colonel George W. Lewis

5th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment -- Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Kleinz

            2nd Brigade - Colonel Samuel P. Spear

1st District of Columbia Cavalry Regiment -- Major J. Stannard Baker

11th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment -- Major Franklin A. Stratton


4th Battery, Wisconsin Light Artillery --- Captain George B. Easterly

Partial Casualty List

(K= Killed, W= Wounded, M= Missing, MW= Mortally Wounded, C= Captured)


Adair, Blaney - Lt - K

Anderson, James L. - Maj - K

Andrews Richard F. - Lt - W

Backup James B. - Lt - W

Bancroft - Lt - W

Bessey M. B. - Capt - W

Blakeley, Theodore - Capt - K

Brastow, Billings, - Capt - K

Burnham Hiram - Gen - K

Cannon, Presley - Lt - K

Carson, John - Lt - K

Caswell, John M. - Capt - K

Cone, Charles C. - Lt - K

Converse L. N. - Capt - W

Cook J. B. - Maj - W

Dickson, Henry B. - Capt - K

Dolbier, Samuel - Lt - K

Donohoe Michael T. - Col - W

Eler Sylvester - Lt - M&M

Ferguson Joseph - Lt - W&M

Fish, Elias A. - Capt - K

Fitch, J. Arthur - Lt - K

Forbush, Gustavus A. - Capt - K

Force Jacob F. - Capt - W

Foster, Daniel - Capt - K

Gaskill Edwin C. - Lt - W

Gray , Robert J. - Capt - K

Hubbell W. S. - Lt - W

Irvine, Charles N. - Lt - K

Jenkins, Calvin M. - Lt - K

Kilbourn, James B. - Lt - K

Ladd W. J. - Lt - W

Landon, La Fayette - Lt - K

Linn, Daniel F. - Capt - K

Mack D. S. - Lt - M

McCarty Thomas - Capt - M

McEvoy, William H. - Lt - K

McKinley, Thomas H. - Lt - K

McKittrick, William H. - Capt - K

McNeil, George - Lt - K

Meyer, Frederick, - Lt - K

Middleton, Benjamin F. - Lt - K

Moore, William W. - Lt - K

Nethaway, David - Lt - K

Nichols - LtCol - W

O’Neil, John - Capt - K

Porter, Lewis B. - Capt - K

Pratt, Eber C. - Lt - K

Prime J. H. - Lt - W

Rix, Daniel C. - Capt - K

Sheldon, George W. - Capt - K

Sherman George R. - Lt -  K

Shortleff C. W. - LtCol - W

Smith Normand - Maj - W

Smith W. H. - Capt - W

Smith, Myron W. - Lt - K

Spinney Robert M. - Lt - M

Steadman Griffin A. - Col - K

Stevens Aaron F - Col - W

Swift, John W. - Capt - K

Teepie C. G. - Lt - W

Thompson, Robert R. - Lt - K

Tuttle, Squire M. - Lt - K

Weiss Julius A. - Capt - W

Williams, J. Knox - Lt - K

York, Charles V. - Capt - K




Confederate Forces





                   Field’s Division - Major General Charles W. Field

            Gregg’s Brigade - Brigadier General John Gregg

3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment

1st Texas Infantry Regiment

4th Texas Infantry Regiment

5th Texas Infantry Regiment

Benning’s Brigade - Colonel Dudley M. DuBose

2nd Georgia Infantry Regiment

15th Georgia Infantry Regiment

17th Georgia Infantry Regiment

20th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Anderson’s Brigade - Brigadier General George T. Anderson

7th Georgia Infantry Regiment

8th Georgia Infantry Regiment

9th Georgia Infantry Regiment

11th Georgia Infantry Regiment

59th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Law’s Brigade - Colonel Pinckney D. Bowles

4th Alabama Infantry Regiment

15th Alabama Infantry Regiment

44th Alabama Infantry Regiment

47th Alabama Infantry Regiment

48th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Bratton’s Brigade - Brigadier General John Bratton

1st South Carolina Infantry Regiment

2nd South Carolina Rifle Regiment

5th South Carolina Infantry Regiment

6th South Carolina Infantry Regiment

Palmetto Sharpshooters


            1st Virginia Light Artillery Battalion - Lieutenant Colonel Robert Archelaus Hardaway

3rd Richmond Howitzers

1st Rockbridge Artillery

Powhatan Artillery

Salem Flying Artillery



                   Hoke’s Division - Major General Robert F. Hoke

            Clingman’s Brigade - Colonel Hector M. McKethan

8th North Carolina Infantry Regiment

31st North Carolina Infantry Regiment

51st North Carolina Infantry Regiment

61st North Carolina Infantry Regiment

Collquitt’s Brigade - Brigadier General Alfred H. Colquitt

6th Georgia Infantry Regiment

19th Georgia Infantry Regiment

23rd Georgia Infantry Regiment

27th Georgia Infantry Regiment

28th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Hagood’s Brigade - Brigadier General Johnson Hagood

7th South Carolina Infantry Battalion

11th South Carolina Infantry Regiment

21st South Carolina Infantry Regiment

25th South Carolina Infantry Regiment

27th South Carolina Infantry Regiment

Martin’s Brigade
17th North Carolina Infantry Regiment

42nd North Carolina Infantry Regiment

50th North Carolina Infantry Regiment

60th North Carolina Infantry Regiment



                   Front Line Infantry

            Johnson’s Brigade - Colonel John M. Hughs

17th Tennessee Infantry Regiment

23rd Tennessee Infantry Regiment

25th Tennessee Infantry Regiment

44th Tennessee Infantry Regiment

63rd Tennessee Infantry Regiment

            1st Virginia Reserve Battalion - Major James Strange

(Composition Unknown)

            2nd Virginia Reserve Battalion - Lieutenant Colonel John H. Guy

(Composition Unknown)

            25th Virginia Battalion - major Wyatt Elliott

(Composition Unknown)

                   Front Line Cavalry

            Gary’s Brigade - Brigadier General Martin W. Gary

Hampton legion

7th South Carolina Cavalry Regiment

24th Virginia Cavalry Regiment

Partial Casualty List

Bellinger E. W. Ensign - K

Grimes - Capt - K

Kirk - Capt - K







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