29-30 September 1864

Also known as

New Market Heights

Fort Harrison

Fort Johnson

Fort Gilmer

Laurel Hill


OR-Series I, Volume XLII, Chapter LIV, Pg. 133

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Union Forces






������������������ 1st Division - Brigadier General Alfred H. Terry

����������� 1st Brigade - Colonel Joshua B. Howell

39th Illinois Infantry Regiment --- Captain Lewis T. Whipple

62nd Ohio Infantry Regiment --- Colonel Francis B. Pond

67th Ohio Infantry Regiment --- Colonel Alvin C. Voris

85th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment --- Lieutenant Colonel Edward Campbell

����������� 2nd Brigade - Colonel Joseph R. Hawley

6th Connecticut Infantry Regiment --- Major Daniel Klein

7th Connecticut Infantry Regiment --- Captain Seager S. Atwell

3rd New Hampshire Infantry Regiment --- Major James F. Randlett

7th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment --- Colonel Joseph C. Abbott

Detachment, 16th New York Heavy Artillery --- Major Thomas J. Strong

����������� 3rd Brigade - Colonel Harris M. Plaisted

10th Connecticut Infantry Regiment --- Major Edwin S. Greeley

11th Maine Infantry Regiment --- Captain Simeon H. Merrill

1st Maryland Cavalry (dismounted) Regiment ---Lieutenant Colonel Jacob H. Counselman

24th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment --- Captain George W. Gardner

100th New York Infantry Regiment --- Colonel George B. Dandy

������������������ 2nd Division - Brigadier General Robert S. Foster

����������� 1st Brigade - Colonel N. Martin Curtis

3rd New York Infantry Regiment --- Captain Jay M. Wicks

112th New York Infantry Regiment --- Lieutenant Colonel John F. Smith

117th New York Infantry Regiment --- Colonel Rufus Daggett

142nd New York Infantry Regiment --- Lieutenant Colonel Albert M. Barney

����������� 2nd Brigade - Colonel William B. Barton

47th New York Infantry Regiment --- Captain George B. Kirby

48th New York Infantry Regiment --- Lieutenant Colonel William B. Coan

76th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment --- Captain Joseph R. Finley

97th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment --- Colonel Galusha Pennypacker

����������� 3rd Brigade - Colonel Francis A. Osborn

3 Companies, 13th Indiana Infantry --- Captain Samuel M. Zent

9th Maine Infantry Regiment --- Captain Robert J. Gray

4th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment --- Lieutenant Colonel Jeremiah D. Drew

115th New York Infantry Regiment --- Captain WilliamH. Shaw

169th New York Infantry Regiment --- Lieutenant Colonel Alonzo Alden



������������������ 1st Division - Brigadier General George J. Stannard

First Brigade - Colonel Aaron F. Stevens (W 29 Sep)

����������������������� Lieutenant Colonel John B. Raulston

2nd New Hampshire Infantry Regiment --- Lieutenant Colonel Joab N. Patterson

13th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment -- Major Normand Smith(W)

����������������������������������������������������������������������� Captain Nathan D. Stoodley

81st New York Infantry Regiment -- Lieutenant Colonel John B. Raulston

98th New York Infantry Regiment -- Lieutenant Colonel William Krentzer

139th New York Infantry Regiment -- Major Embre Rogers

����������� 2nd Brigade - Brigadier General Hiram Burnham (K 29 Sep)

����������������������������������� Colonel Michael T. Donohoe (W 29 Sep)

Colonel Edgar M. Cullen

8th Connecticut Infantry Regiment -- Captain Charles M. Coit

5th Maryland Infantry Regiment** --- Major David B . White

10th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment -- Lieutenant Colonel John Coughlin

96th New York Infantry Regiment -- Captain George W. Hindes

118th New York Infantry Regiment -- Lieutenant Colonel GeorgeF. Nichols

����������������������� ** Not present, left in camp

����������� 3rd Brigade - Colonel Samuel H. Roberts

����������������������������������� Colonel Edgar M. Cullen

21st Connecticut Infantry Regiment -- Captain James F. Brown

40th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment --- CaptainWisner Park

92nd New York Infantry Regiment -- Captain Harry C. Fay

58th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment -- Major Charles A. Winn

188th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment -- Major Francis H. Reichard

������������������ 2nd Division - Brigadier General Charles Adam Heckman

����������� 1st Brigade - Colonel James Stewart Jr.

23rd Massachusetts Infantry Regiment --- Lieutenant Colonel John W. Raymond

25th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment --- Captain Albert H. Foster

27th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment --- Captain Pewter S. Bailey

9th New Jersey Infantry Regiment --- Captain Augustus Thompson

158th New York Infantry Regiment --- Colonel James Jourdan

55th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment --Captain John C. Shearer

����������� 2nd Brigade - Colonel George M. Guion

11th Connecticut Infantry Regiment --- Captain Francis T. Brown

8th Maine Infantry Regiment -- Major William M. McArthur

12th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment --- Captain Thomas E. Barker

148th New York Infantry Regiment --- Lieutenant Colonel John B. Murray

9th Vermont Infantry Regiment --- Colonel Edward H. Ripley

19th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment --- Lieutenant Edward O. Emerson

����������� 3rd Brigade - Colonel Harrison S. Fairchild

89th New York Infantry Regiment -- Captain James Hazley

2nd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery Regiment --- Major James L. Anderson

������������������ 3rd Division - Brigadier General Charles J. Paine

����������� 1st Brigade** - Colonel John H. Holman

1st U.S. Colored Troops --- Major Henry S. Perkins

22nd U.S. Colored Troops --- Colonel Joseph B. Kiddoo

37th U.S. Colored Troops --- Lieutenant Colonel Abial G. Chamberlain

����������������������� ** Also reported in 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, X Corps

����������� 2nd Brigade - Colonel Alonzo G. Draper

5th U.S. Colored Troops --- Lieutenant Colonel Giles W. Shurtleff

36th U.S. Colored Troops --- Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin F. Pratt

7 Companies, 38th U.S. Colored Troops --- Lieutenant Colonel Dexter E. Clapp

����������� 3rd Brigade - Colonel Samuel A. Duncan

4th U.S. Colored Troops --- Major Augustus S. Boernstein

6th U.S. Colored Troops --- Colonel John W. Ames

10th U.S. Colored Troops --- Lieutenant Colonel Edward H. Powell

����������� Independent Regiment --

2nd U.S. Colored (Dismounted) Cavalry --- Colonel George W. Cole

����������� Unattached

2 Companies, 79th New York Infantry --- Captain Henry G. Heffron

����������� Artillery Brigade - Colonel Alexander Piper

Battery K, 3rd New York Light Artillery --- Captain James R. Angel

Battery M, 3rd New York Light Artillery --- Captain John H. Howell

������������������ Cavalry Division - Brigadier General August Valentine Kautz

����������� 1st Cavalry Brigade - Colonel Robert M. West

3rd New York Cavalry Regiment -- Colonel George W. Lewis

5th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment -- Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Kleinz

����������� 2nd Brigade - Colonel Samuel P. Spear

1st District of Columbia Cavalry Regiment -- Major J. Stannard Baker

11th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment -- Major Franklin A. Stratton

����������� Artillery

4th Battery, Wisconsin Light Artillery --- Captain George B. Easterly

Partial Casualty List

(K= Killed, W= Wounded, M= Missing, MW= Mortally Wounded, C= Captured)


Adair, Blaney - Lt - K

Anderson, James L. - Maj - K

Andrews Richard F. - Lt - W

Backup James B. - Lt - W

Bancroft - Lt - W

Bessey M. B. - Capt - W

Blakeley, Theodore - Capt - K

Brastow, Billings, - Capt - K

Burnham Hiram - Gen - K

Cannon, Presley - Lt - K

Carson, John - Lt - K

Caswell, John M. - Capt - K

Cone, Charles C. - Lt - K

Converse L. N. - Capt - W

Cook J. B. - Maj - W

Dickson, Henry B. - Capt - K

Dolbier, Samuel - Lt - K

Donohoe Michael T. - Col - W

Eler Sylvester - Lt - M&M

Ferguson Joseph - Lt - W&M

Fish, Elias A. - Capt - K

Fitch, J. Arthur - Lt - K

Forbush, Gustavus A. - Capt - K

Force Jacob F. - Capt - W

Foster, Daniel - Capt - K

Gaskill Edwin C. - Lt - W

Gray , Robert J. - Capt - K

Hubbell W. S. - Lt - W

Irvine, Charles N. - Lt - K

Jenkins, Calvin M. - Lt - K

Kilbourn, James B. - Lt - K

Ladd W. J. - Lt - W

Landon, La Fayette - Lt - K

Linn, Daniel F. - Capt - K

Mack D. S. - Lt - M

McCarty Thomas - Capt - M

McEvoy, William H. - Lt - K

McKinley, Thomas H. - Lt - K

McKittrick, William H. - Capt - K

McNeil, George - Lt - K

Meyer, Frederick, - Lt - K

Middleton, Benjamin F. - Lt - K

Moore, William W. - Lt - K

Nethaway, David - Lt - K

Nichols - LtCol - W

O�Neil, John - Capt - K

Porter, Lewis B. - Capt - K

Pratt, Eber C. - Lt - K

Prime J. H. - Lt - W

Rix, Daniel C. - Capt - K

Sheldon, George W. - Capt - K

Sherman George R. - Lt -K

Shortleff C. W. - LtCol - W

Smith Normand - Maj - W

Smith W. H. - Capt - W

Smith, Myron W. - Lt - K

Spinney Robert M. - Lt - M

Steadman Griffin A. - Col - K

Stevens Aaron F - Col - W

Swift, John W. - Capt - K

Teepie C. G. - Lt - W

Thompson, Robert R. - Lt - K

Tuttle, Squire M. - Lt - K

Weiss Julius A. - Capt - W

Williams, J. Knox - Lt - K

York, Charles V. - Capt - K




Confederate Forces





������������������ Field�s Division - Major General Charles W. Field

����������� Gregg�s Brigade - Brigadier General John Gregg

3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment

1st Texas Infantry Regiment

4th Texas Infantry Regiment

5th Texas Infantry Regiment

Benning�s Brigade - Colonel Dudley M. DuBose

2nd Georgia Infantry Regiment

15th Georgia Infantry Regiment

17th Georgia Infantry Regiment

20th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Anderson�s Brigade - Brigadier General George T. Anderson

7th Georgia Infantry Regiment

8th Georgia Infantry Regiment

9th Georgia Infantry Regiment

11th Georgia Infantry Regiment

59th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Law�s Brigade - Colonel Pinckney D. Bowles

4th Alabama Infantry Regiment

15th Alabama Infantry Regiment

44th Alabama Infantry Regiment

47th Alabama Infantry Regiment

48th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Bratton�s Brigade - Brigadier General John Bratton

1st South Carolina Infantry Regiment

2nd South Carolina Rifle Regiment

5th South Carolina Infantry Regiment

6th South Carolina Infantry Regiment

Palmetto Sharpshooters

������������������ Artillery

����������� 1st Virginia Light Artillery Battalion - Lieutenant Colonel Robert Archelaus Hardaway

3rd Richmond Howitzers

1st Rockbridge Artillery

Powhatan Artillery

Salem Flying Artillery



������������������ Hoke�s Division - Major General Robert F. Hoke

����������� Clingman�s Brigade - Colonel Hector M. McKethan

8th North Carolina Infantry Regiment

31st North Carolina Infantry Regiment

51st North Carolina Infantry Regiment

61st North Carolina Infantry Regiment

Collquitt�s Brigade - Brigadier General Alfred H. Colquitt

6th Georgia Infantry Regiment

19th Georgia Infantry Regiment

23rd Georgia Infantry Regiment

27th Georgia Infantry Regiment

28th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Hagood�s Brigade - Brigadier General Johnson Hagood

7th South Carolina Infantry Battalion

11th South Carolina Infantry Regiment

21st South Carolina Infantry Regiment

25th South Carolina Infantry Regiment

27th South Carolina Infantry Regiment

Martin�s Brigade
17th North Carolina Infantry Regiment

42nd North Carolina Infantry Regiment

50th North Carolina Infantry Regiment

60th North Carolina Infantry Regiment



������������������ Front Line Infantry

����������� Johnson�s Brigade - Colonel John M. Hughs

17th Tennessee Infantry Regiment

23rd Tennessee Infantry Regiment

25th Tennessee Infantry Regiment

44th Tennessee Infantry Regiment

63rd Tennessee Infantry Regiment

����������� 1st Virginia Reserve Battalion - Major James Strange

(Composition Unknown)

����������� 2nd Virginia Reserve Battalion - Lieutenant Colonel John H. Guy

(Composition Unknown)

����������� 25th Virginia Battalion - major Wyatt Elliott

(Composition Unknown)

������������������ Front Line Cavalry

����������� Gary�s Brigade - Brigadier General Martin W. Gary

Hampton legion

7th South Carolina Cavalry Regiment

24th Virginia Cavalry Regiment

Partial Casualty List

Bellinger E. W. Ensign - K

Grimes - Capt - K

Kirk - Capt - K






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