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Croxley Rail Link fight 'far from over'

The battle to win Government funding for the Croxley Rail Link is “far from over”, a Hertfordshire County Councillor has warned.

The Department of Transport last week shortlisted the project in its “development pool” and will now make a final decision in December this year.

The scheme will provide a link between the London Underground Metropolitan line and Watford Junction.

Councillor Ian Brandon (Green Party, Callowland Leggatts), said: “It's welcome that the Croxley Rail Link has been approved by the Government, despite their big slashes to public transport.

“However, this scheme still requires a lot of private funding, something still not certain especially in the economic climate.

“With the Watford Junction redevelopment not being approved because of the amount of private funding needed, it begs the question whether the Government really believes in public transport.”

Although the Croxley Rail Link application progressed, the Watford Junction Interchange redevelopment scheme was axed due to its reliance on private sector funding, which is not forthcoming in the current financial environment.

But Councillor Brandon has asked the Government to reconsider this decision.

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“With the Abbey line moving to tram and it being able to be extended, plus the Croxley Rail link, Watford Junction is in desperate need of a revamp,” he said.

“I suggest the Government stops looking short term and starts looking at long term if it really believes in promoting Watford.”


3Blocks says...
10:26pm Tue 8 Feb 11

First we were told that a decision would be made by the end of January and now it's become December. What's a year when we've been waiting decades already?

3Blocks says...
10:33pm Tue 8 Feb 11

Yes, what about the Abbey line having trams? We were told in October 2009 that trams would run on this line from 2011. Since this announcment we've heard nothing about it. Is this another idea that will fall by the wayside?

TRT says...
1:15pm Wed 9 Feb 11

The Croxley Rail Link scheme really needs a rethink. The plans have been drawn up over the last 30 years, and haven't taken into account changes to the housing stock, roads, businesses and schools.

The proposal would make the end of the Met line:
Moor Park,
Ascot Road/Two Bridges,
Vicarage Road (Stadium Halt),
Watford High Street,
Watford Junction.

You just have to look at it on a map to see that that home to station distances do not justify the current scheme.

Both Ascot Road and Vicarage Road stations have significant areas of industrial estate and un-occupied land around them. Watford Met and West Watford are both bang in the middle of housing estates.

Where is the travel survey for businesses in the Croxley Business Park? How many would switch from car to train if this station was opened? How many people on the Cassiobury would use the new link? There is a distinct lack of data regarding the actual benefits of this scheme.

Bloodwags says...
1:42am Fri 11 Feb 11

I agree with TRT. It's the 'link" part of the proposed scheme that doesn't stack up in my view. The new viaduct to simultaneously cross the Grand Union Canal and the A412 Rickmansworth Rd at Two Bridges (dual carriageway at that point) will be hugely expensive and heinously disruptive to construct. And for what? It already takes 43 mins from Baker St to Watford on the Met (when, rarely, all is working well). At 3 mins per stop it would take another 10 mins approx. to Watford Junction. 53 minutes? What a joke! There's already a slow line from London to WFJ - the Overground. If I lived near one of the proposed new stations I'd rather take a fast and efficient shuttle to WFJ (10 mins) then change onto a fast service to London (24 mins). Even with a change it would still be quicker than the Met Line. By all means re-open the branch line to West Watford with a new shittle service but the case for linking this to the Met Line is flawed in my opinion.

TRT says...
4:24am Fri 11 Feb 11

Bakerloo services to WFJ were suspended in 1987 due to duplication and lack of passengers. Baker St to WFJ is not a viable reason to give in their proposal. Now a through service to Amersham is a good reason, but will it pay? If they reinstated the bridge and northbound rail link at the Irish club, it might. Euston to Rickmansworth service might work.

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