Descriptive List of the Crew of the Confederate States Steamer "Tennessee."

CSS Tennessee

The ironclad ram Tennessee was built at Selma, Alabama, and commissioned into the Confederate States Navy on February 16, 1864. She was used as the flagship of Admiral Franklin Buchanan and served honorably at the battle of Mobile Bay, August 5, 1864. Surrounded during the battle by the superior naval forces of Union Admiral David G. Farragut, the vessel was forced to surrender with casualties of two killed and eight wounded. [1]

The original copy of the descriptive list of the vessel, dated February, 1864, can be viewed at the Eleanor S. Brockenbrough Library, The Museum of the Confederacy, Richmond, Virginia. It consists of five A3 pages listing the names of 143 enlisted members of the crew, in no particular order. The listing includes the name followed by rate in the naval service (which has been noted for the majority of the crew), age, color of eyes, color of hair, height (not included in this transcription), complexion, place of birth, marks (not included in this transcription) and remarks. In the following transcription the names have been arranged in alphabetical order. All the names have been included here, with the exception of two which were entirely illegible, due to the faded script, and have been omitted from the list. Four others are listed in their alphabetical order, where their surnames, or the first letter of the surname can be made out. Although no Confederate States marine personnel are noted, it is possible that some of those whose ratings are not shown, were members of that corps, as it is known that there was a marine guard aboard the vessel shortly after her commissioning.

The Naval Official Records (Series 1, Volume 21, page 452) notes that one of the prisoners taken by the Union when the Tennessee was captured at Mobile Bay, in August, 1864, was in fact a deserter, Thomas Thompson, from the USS Brooklyn. It is unclear at this time which member of the Tennessee's crew was that deserter.

Additional information for some of the names are included where available, and the source of this information is shown at the end of the list.

Please note, once again, that the original documents are in the collections of the:

Eleanor S. Brockenbrough Library,

The Museum of the Confederacy,

Richmond, Virginia (USA).

Details should not be used without prior permission, and copies can be obtained by contacting that source.

W. Adams, landsman, 32, grey, dark, dark, Prince Edward Island, -.

William Alexander, landsman, 31, grey, dark, dark, Scotland, trade: sailor.

D.M. Alsbrook, -, 28, light blue, dark, light, Tennessee, trade: farmer.

George Armstrong, seaman, 24, hazel black, dark, Ireland, -.

E. Bagett, -, 25, grey, dark, dark, Tennessee, trade: farmer.

Thomas Bagett, -, 19, grey, dark, dark, New Orleans, Louisiana, trade: clerk.

W. Barns, -, 30, blue, dark, florid, Ireland, deserted 9 April [1864], trade: laborer.

Thornton Bartholow [Bartholomew?], fireman, 39, black, black, ruddy, Virginia, -.

Henry Beckman, fireman, 32, blue, light, light, Germany, -.

H.C. Beckwith, landsman, 18, dark, dark, dark, Alabama, trade: farmer.

C.P. Black, landsman, 28, blue, fair, fair, Ireland, -.

Lawrence Boyle, fireman, 27, hazel, dark, dark, Ireland, -.

John Brady, fireman, 36, blue, light, light, Ireland, -.

J. Briant, landsman, 22, grey, brown, fair, Georgia, -.

Thomas Brogan, landsman, 25, dark, dark, dark, Ireland, trade: sailor.

Charles Brown, landsman, 36, grey, dark, fair, Norway, -.

John Brown, ordinary seaman, 19, dark, sandy, ruddy, Ireland, -.

John Brown, #2, second class fireman, 27, blue, dark, brown, Ireland, -. [4]

T.M. Buller, landsman, 19, grey, dark, fair, Tennessee, -.

W. C[illegible], -, 35, grey, dark, fair, South Carolina, trade: farmer.

Dennis Caliman, landsman, 29, grey, light, fair, Ireland, -.

John Callan, -, 22, blue, dark, light, Pennsylvania, trade: none.

Paul Callogy, landsman, 30, blue, light, light, Melbourne, Australia, sent back to receiving vessel, March 7, 1864.

John Cammel, landsman, 24, blue, sandy, fair, Ireland, -.

John Campbell, landsman, 35, hazel, black, dark, Ireland, -.

John Campbell, -, 35, grey, black, light, Ireland, -.

John E. Campbell, landsman, [no further information shown].

Daniel Carter, fireman, 35, blue, dark, fair, Ireland, -.

M. Castillo, landsman, 31, black, black and curly, dark, Ireland, -.

L. Cazalos, landsman, 18, hazel, sandy, fair, Pascagoula, Mississippi, -.

John Chapman, fireman, 33, blue, light, brown, Ireland, reported aboard the Tennessee from the receiving ship at Mobile, Alabama, on February 18, 1864. [2]

J.S. Childress, landsman, 20, grey, dark, dark, Tennessee, sent back to receiving vessel, March 7, 1864.

E.N. Childs, landsman, 19, grey, light, fair, Alabama, -.

Charles Clark, seaman, 28, grey, dark grey, fair, Norway, -.

W.S. Clark, landsman, 30, blue, light, light, London, England, -.

Charles E. Classen, seaman, 25, grey, -, light, Prussia, trade: sailor.

L. Cole, landsman, 28, dark, dark, dark, Tennessee, -.

James Collins, landsman, 39, blue, black, dark, Ireland, -.

W. Collins, third class boy, 13, blue, sandy, fair, New Orleans, Louisiana, -.

John Conley, -, 35, blue, dark, fair, Ireland, trade: ordinary seaman.

John H. Cox, landsman, 23, blue, light, fair, North Carolina, -.

J.B. Cudliffe, -, 19, hazel, light, fair, Virginia, -.

James Cunningham, fireman, 23, grey, light, ruddy, Ireland, -.

John Cunningham, landsman, 33, blue, sandy, fair, Ireland, -.

William Daily, seaman, 32, grey, -, dark, England, trade: sailor. [3] - surname spelt Daly in this source, which lists him as one of the wounded at Mobile Bay.

Henry Daniels, landsman, 19, grey, dark, ruddy, South Carolina, -.

J.W. Davidson, landsman, 22, dark, dark, dark, Tennessee, -.

G.W. Davis, landsman, 40, grey, dark, dark, Florida, -.

W. Deves, [no further information shown].

James Devlin, landsman, 40, blue, dark, ruddy, London, England, -.

James T. Drew, -, 23, grey, dark, dark, Ireland, trade: clerk.

Charles Ellis, -, 23, grey, dark, light, Maine, trade: none.

Joseph Etter, first class boy, 15, black, red, fair, New Orleans, Louisiana, trade: none.

P.J. Fitzpatrick, ship's steward, 28, blue, light, ruddy, Ireland, -.

James Flemming, landsman, 33, blue, sandy, ruddy, Ireland, -.

Dennis Flinn, landsman, 25, blue, dark, light, Ireland, trade: boatman. [4]

Thomas Franklich, landsman, 40, black, black and grey, dark, Hungary, -.

[illegible] G [illegible], -, 26, grey, light, light, Tennessee, trade: farmer.

W.J. Godly, -, 20, hazel, light, light, Virginia, trade: farmer.

Michael Grady, fireman, 35, brown, black, ruddy, Ireland, -.

Charles F. Graham, [no further information shown].

J.W. Grooms, landsman, 21, grey, light, light Indiana, trade: farmer.

John Hagy, landsman, 21, dark, dark, dark, Ohio, trade: farmer.

John Harrod, landsman, 30, black, dark, dark, Kentucky, trade: farmer.

John Hayes, landsman, 20, black, auburn, sallow, New Orleans, Louisiana, -.

Daniel Headly, quartermaster, 61, grey, light, ruddy, Finland, shot in the right shouldier, sent back to receiving ship March 7, 1864.

M. Henahan, third class boy, 15, blue, light, light, New Orleans, Louisiana, -.

M. Henshaw, landsman, 21, black, light, fair, North Carolina, -.

M.G. Henshaw, landsman, 19, blue, dark, fair, North Carolina, -.

J.P. Higgins, -, 20, grey, light, fair, Tennessee, -.

John Holst, landsman, 29, dark, dark, dark, Germany, -.

August Ingles, seaman, 24, dark, dark, fair, Hanover, -.

S.P. Insley, landsman, 42, grey, light, light, Maryland, -.

John Johnson, landsman, 28, dark, dark, dark, Alabama, -.

J.F. Juneman, landsman, 27, grey, dark, light, Ohio, trade: confectioner.

James Kelly, seaman, 32, blue, black and grey, fair, Ireland, -. [3] - probably the same James Kelly, boatswain's mate, who is listed in this source as one of the wounded at Mobile Bay.

Frank M. Kerby, -, 19, grey, dark, dark, South Carolina, trade: farmer.

Edward Kilkenny, landsman, 25, grey, brown, dark, Ireland, trade: blacksmith.

Frank King, -, 20, grey, dark, light, Alabama, trade: farmer.

J.R. Lampley, -, 47, blue, light, light, North Carolina, trade: merchant.

Owen Leddy, landsman, 25, grey, dark, ruddy, New Jersey, -.

Joseph Lyons, third class boy, 13, grey, light, fair, Mobile, Alabama, sent back to receiving vessel, March 7, 1864.

Henry Malone, seaman, 35, blue, dark, light, Ireland, trade: [illegible].

B.F. Martin, landsman, 23, blue, light, light, Kentucky, trade: farmer.

W.S. Martin, landsman, 22, blue, dark, fair, Alabama, -.

J. McBright, -, 24, blue, dark, dark, New York, trade: blacksmith.

John McCarty, fireman, 30, grey, light, fair, Ireland, -.

George McFarlough, seaman, 25, blue, -, dark, Ireland, trade: sailor.

Henry McGuire, quarter gunner, 21, hazel, black, dark, Mobile, Alabama, -.

G.A. McNichols, -, 20, grey, dark, light, Kentucky, trade: farmer.

John Miller, -, 21, hazel, dark, dark, North Carolina, trade: clerk.

Joshua Moffit, landsman, 23, blue, dark, fair, North Carolina, -.

W.J. Monis, -, 26, dark, dark, fair, Alabama, trade: farmer.

Joseph Moore, seaman, 29, black, black, dark, Halifax, -.

William Moore, seaman, 35, blue, -, light, Ireland, trade: sailor, killed August 5, 1864. [3]

A.S. Murdock, landsman, 24, blue, light, fair, North Carolina, sent back to receiving vessel, March 7, 1864.

John Murphy, ordinary seaman, 24, blue, dark brown, light, Ireland, -.

John Murphy, landsman, 34, blue, sandy, fair, Ireland, -.

John Murphy, landsman, 22, grey, dark, dark, Ireland, returned to receiving ship, February 26, 1864.

Thomas Murray, -, 45, grey, dark, dark, Ireland, trade: sailor.

James D. Neese, landsman, 22, dark, dark, dark, Indiana, trade: farmer.

W. O'Donnell, landsman, 19, blue, dark, ruddy, Arkansas, -.

W. Otto, landsman, 29, blue, light, fair, Germany, -.

Freeborn Payne, ship's cook, 63, dark, dark, light, Massachusetts, sent back to receiving vessel, March 7, 1864.

John Perkins, landsman, 18, grey, light, fair, Massachusetts, trade: none.

A.G. Peterson, [no further information shown].

Edgar Felicien Perilloux, -, 20, grey, dark, ruddy, Louisiana, trade: clerk; born March 13, 1844, Lafourche Parish, Louisiana; captured at Mobile Bay, August 5, 1864. [Additional information provided by descendant, Charles Hallal, in an e-mail (, dated June 3, 2003.]

John H. Powers, first class fireman, 36, grey, black and grey, ruddy, Ireland, -. [4]

Thomas Price, -, 36, hazel, dark, dark, Ireland, trade: laborer.

John Quinn, -, 32, brown, dark, dark, Ireland, trade: laborer.

Thomas Quinn, fireman, 30, blue, red, fair, Ireland, -.

Andrew Rasmuson, landsman, 32, blue, light, fair, Denmark, -. [3] - this source shows his surname as Rossmorsson, rated quartermaster, and lists him as being one of the wounded at Mobile Bay.

Francis Rich, landsman, 29, blue, light, fair, Ireland, -.

John Riley, -, 49, blue, dark, ruddy, Ireland, trade: fireman.

John Ross, landsman, 28, grey, dark, dark, Ireland, deserted 9 April, [1864].

John Ryan, landsman, 27, blue, dark brown, fair, Ireland, in city guard house.

W.R. Scheir, landsman, 16, grey, light, fair, London, England, -.

W.C. Selby, -, 26, grey, dark, dark, Alabama, trade: farmer.

Charles Seymour, landsman, 27, hazel, dark, dark, New Orleans, -.

E.T. Shaffer, fireman, 39, grey, light, fair, New York, -. [4] - this source shows his name as Charles Shaeffer.

Daniel Shay, fireman, 45, blue, dark, fair, Ireland, -.

T.J. Sheridan, -, 20, dark, dark, light, Mobile, Alabama, trade: carpenter.

J.P. Shields, landsman, 19, blue, brown, dair, Mobile, Alabama, -.

John Silks, first class fireman, 46, blue, dark, light, Ireland, killed at Mobile, August 5, 1864, trade: boiler maker. [3] - this source shows his surname as Silk.

James W. Smith, landsman, 24, grey, dark, light, Tennessee, trade: farmer.

John Smith, seaman, 39, grey, dark, dark, France, -.

William B. Smith, captain's steward, 22, hazel, brown, florid, Kentucky, transferred from steamer Baltic.

George Spriggs, landsman, 30, blue, dark, ruddy, Ireland, trade: boatman. [4]

S. Strickland, landsman, 19, hazel, dark, ruddy, Florida, -.

J.W. Taylor, -, 22, grey, light, light, Mississippi, trade: farmer.

[illegible] Tennent, -, 45, grey, auburn, light, Rhode Island, trade: butcher.

J.C. Thacher, landsman, 23, grey, light, fair, Tennessee, -.

M.D. Thomason, landsman, -, brown, black, dark, Mobile, Alabama, -.

P. Thompson, ordinary seaman, 35, blue, dark, fair, Ireland, -.

Richard Tobin, -, 27, hazel, dark, fair, Ireland, trade: laborer.

Patrick Tomney, landsman, 34, black, dark, fair, Ireland, -.

Isaac Twining, landsman, 29, grey, light, ruddy, Pennsylvania, trade: boatman. [4]

M. Wagonbrunner, landsman, 41, blue, light, fair, Germany, -.

B.T. Wallace, landsman, 27, blue, dark, fair, Virginia, -.

Peter West, landsman, 37, blue, light, fair, Sweden, -.

James Whaler, fireman, 38, hazel, black and grey, ruddy, Ireland, -.

W. White, landsman, 29, hazel, dark brown, dark, New York, -.


[1] Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., reprint edition, 1977, Volume 2, pages 573-574.

[2] Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion, (hereinafter cited as ORN) Series 1, Volume 21, page 934.

[3] ORN, Series 1, Volume 21, page 578.

[4] ORN, Series 1, Volume 21, page 841 notes that some of the crew of the Tennessee were taken aboard the USS Ossipee as prisoners of war, and transferred a week later to the steamer Stockdale.

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December, 2000 (Updated June, 2003).