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Monday, March 12, 2012

Cloud 9 Primo Herbal Incense Review

Reader Review:

Primo Herbal Incense by Cloud 9 Incense

After reading some herbal incense reviews on your site I decided to go with some Cloud 9 Incense products for my next order. I went to the "Herbal Incense Store" where I original was only going to get the new Crazy Eyes incense and Optima Incense, but also noticed they carried the newest Cloud 9 creation, Primo. I thought well I'm at it I might as throw one in the cart. It might have been an impulse buy, but I'm glad it was.

The packaging is gold in color and also features a golden trophy. As you can see from the picture is actual called an "Herbal Sachet", and good news folks it is 50 State Legal!

The herbs used in the Cloud 9 Primo incense are nicely ground and not to overly fine. Not really any traces of stems, but I'm sure if you look and search hard enough you could find one(this is true with any herbal incense or k2 spice blend). Personally I prefer not to touch my herbs to much, as I do not like to have any of the "goodness" be lost. The herbs seemed to have been dried and cured nice so they burn nice and smooth , nothing to harsh. The smell is a nice mango smell with also almost a hint of menthol.

Primo Herbal Incense Effects

Well after using this product for a couple of days it is easy to see why it has a gold trophy on the package. Truly is the king of all third generation herbal incense that I have tried. I'd rate it up there with Head Trip and Mad Hatter and we all know how hard it is to produce 3rd gen products that can compete with older products. Cloud 9 is easily my go to company for all my 3rd gen herbal incense products from now on.
Get all of the new Cloud 9 Incense blends from the Herbal Incense store, only wish they would offer a combo/discount package where I could get all the blends at once.

Cloud 9 Primo Herbal Incense Lab Report

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