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Hoyte's Bubbling

Posted on: Fri 27 Nov 2009

By Will Jago

On-loan Arsenal defender Gavin Hoyte says his confidence has been boosted by the extension of his loan deal with Albion.

Hoyte was originally on a month's loan from Arsenal, but after it expired on 15th November, Gus Poyet moved quickly to extend his stay until January.

Hoyte told, "He asked me if I was happy and I said yes, as I've been playing. He thought I've been playing well where he has seen me so that's a boost for me too.

"Arsenal think it's good to extend the stay, because I've been playing. I've grown in confidence and Arsenal have been in regular contact with me and they're happy that the standard is good."

Hoyte returned from his three-match suspension on Tuesday night as a late sub at Carrow Road, and says that he has learned from his red card, "I now know not to get involved and to keep my head, because I lost it that day.

"The manager spoke to me and said it was a silly sending off, but I have put it behind me now."

"In the three games that I've missed, the team have done well and against Southampton I thought they were brilliant.

"I need to look forward to playing now and try to get back into the team. I'll train as hard as I can to try and get myself back into the team and see what happens from there."

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