Pat Villani

[+] DOS-C
[FreeDOS Kernel by Pat Villani]
DOS-C is distributed in source code form and is a fully functional MS-DOS compatible operating system by Pat Villani. The kernel is also the FreeDOS kernel and may be redistributed under the provisions of GNU GPL. Updates to the source files are available by ftp. It is also the subject of a  book. You can also purchase this book from Elsevier.

If you want more information, go to the DOS-C home page at .  A commercial version is also available.  Contact me for more detail

Also, take a look at my Win32 Book if you want some details on the internals of Win32 based operating systems.

[+] Linux for Windows 9X
This is a Windows 9X friendly version of linux.  It installs onto a Windows 9X disk and allows for two way exchange of files between both linux and Win9X.

[+] Model Railroading
I write operating systems and system management code for a living. Contrary to popular belief, I have other interests. In fact, I've started an unusual layout featuring the New York City subway system. Check out my model railroading page and see what I'm up to.
[+] Coming soon: my woodworking pages.

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