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Welcome to the Thera Foundation

Welcome to the new website of the Thera Foundation

The purpose of the foundation is to promote the study of archaeology, geology, art history and other cultural events as they pertain to Greece and Santorini in the context of the Mediterranean.

Through the ages Thera has played an important role within the Aegean and Mediterranean world.  The Thera Foundation, for 30 years, through grants and international conferences has pioneered the discipline of Theran Studies; much of this work can be found on this website.

Since 2005 new initiatives have represented the assumption of additional objectives for the Foundation. These have focused on the need to address current social and economic issues faced by the island and its population as we enter the 21rst Century. We aim to do this through academic research and revenue generating venture philanthropy while keeping within the foundations original mandate.

This new website is open-content; it allows scholars to participate directly and contribute content. Contributions are welcomed at many levels; ranging from enlightening comments through to the submission of scientific research.

The content and links herein will offer the visitor and researcher of Santorini a wealth of practical and current information.

  • Wallpaintings SantoriniThera Wallpaintings
    Virtual tour of the three dimensional reproduction of the Thera wallpaintings as exhibited until 2010 at the
    exhibition hall of the Petros M. Nomikos Conference Center, Santorini.

Recent Entries

The Petros M. Nomikos Conference Center
The House of the Ladies
The House of the Ladies is one of the northernmost buildings to have been uncovered at the site of Akrotiri.
The West House
Of all the buildings at Akrotiri, the West House is the one which has been most thoroughly investigated.
Building Complex Delta
There are four entrances to Complex Delta, corresponding to the four points of the compass and indicating that the building comprises four independent but ...
Building Beta
Building Beta has been so badly destroyed by the seasonal torrent which cut diagonally across it in later times that it is impossible to determine the position ...
Xeste 3
Xeste 3 is the second most fully explored building at Akrotiri. It is a large edifice, the western half of which was at least three storeys high.
Xeste 4
Marinatos devoted the fateful 1974 season at Akrotiri to the exploration of Xeste 4.