Dossier: 1968 - A Critical Turning-Point

Participants in an anti-Shah demonstration in front of Schöneberg Town Hall in Berlin on 2 June 1967 Cop: picture-alliance / dpa

1968: A Defining Year in World Politics

A Return from Cultural Nostalgia to Political Analysis

Only a detailed political analysis can reveal the extent to which 1968 – a year that characterized an era and made a break with all that had gone before – was embedded in global developments which have continued to cause ripples right up to the present day and still haven't been entirely deciphered. By Claus LeggewieMore ...
A female demonstrator, dressed as a clown, blowing bubbles in peaceful protest in front of a policeman at the G8 summit on 07.06.2007. Copyright: picture-alliance/ dpa

Are There Any Heirs to the Student Movement of 1968?

On the cultural pages of German newspapers since the 1990s over-40s have been blaming the 1968 student movement and their allegedly boundless permissiveness for almost every evil to befall Germany – be it Germany’s poor performance in the PISA tests or childlessness. Now 40 years later this ritualistic fervour seems to be dying down. By Christiane GrefeMore ...
Hippies on a pavement in Munich’s Leopoldstrasse. (Undated photo, early 1970s). Cop: picture-alliance / dpa

Swinging Sixties

Beat Music, Drop-Outs, Provos and Hippies

 “More than 100 companies are currently mass-producing 150 types of merchandising bearing the faces or the names of the four Beatles: stockings, balloons, pullovers, underpants and shirts, shoes, hats, trousers, jackets, biscuit wrappers, lemonade glasses and scarves, egg cups, dolls, packets of chewing gum, brooches and rings – and of course the original Beatles wigs.” (Lamprecht 1965, p. 100)  By Klaus FarinMore ...