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Posted on: Tue 05 Jun 2007

WELCOME to the second part of our question and answer session with boss Aidy Boothroyd.

Today he talks about the book he is reading at the moment, how he relaxes and the manager he admires the most. To find out more see his answers below!

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Q: If you could sign any one player for Watford, who would it be and why?
Andrew Wade, Isle of Wight


A: Craig Bellamy because he has a tenacious, never-say-die annoying streak and he scores goals. 

Q: When will you be happy with what you've done here at Watford, when we've survived more than a year in the Premiership or when we get to Europe or maybe more?
Ryan Morgan, aged 13, Bovingdon

A: When we are a top 10 club.

Q: Out of all the players you have signed, which one do you think was best value for money and delivered the most quality to the team?
Richard Janes, Tring

A: Marlon King

Q: Which manager do you most admire?
Simon Mail, Watford

A: Arsene Wenger

Q: At what stage will you think you have achieved as much as you can at Watford? Is your aim to leave us in the Premiership competing for a UEFA cup spot year in, year out? Or is that prediction too much of a dream?
James Pennick
A: I think you should always dream otherwise you get stuck in a rut. I love the club, I love the people I work for and the people here and I want this club to be the best it can be.

Q: Being manager of any football club must be extremely stressful, what do you like to do in your spare time to relax and unwind?
Alistair, Biggleswade, Beds

A: I like to get even more stressed playing with my kids and doing whatever my wife tells me!

Q: Are you able to give me an insight into why Matt Spring didnt play many games this season and was eventually sold to Luton? I thought he was one of our better performers in our promotion winning season and would have liked to see him given more of a chance. Obviously I don't see the in's and out's, so was wondering if there was a specific reason.
Dan, St Albans

A: Again it's one of those decisions where you have a bond with a player and there comes a time where you have to make a decision whether you think he can make it at that level or he can move on. At that particular time I thought it was right for Matt to move on. 

Q: Will you be looking to use the loan system again, if so will you be giving Sir Alec a call?
Dan, St Albans

A: Yes, I've already spoken to him and if there's anything we can do I may well do it.

Aidy Boothroyd & Sir Alex Ferguson

Q: Who was your outfield player of the season?
Dan, St Albans

A: Tommy Smith

Q: Who did you support as a child?

A: Bradford City

Q: What book are you reading right now and what book has been the biggest influence for you?
Himesh, Harrow

A: I've just bought 'The Memoirs of Field Marshall Montgomery', as for the biggest influence probably 'The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People'.  

Q: Do you think Watford will need to adapt their style if we return to the Premiership?
Simon Mail, Watford

A: Yes definitely.

The manager expands upon the above answer in parts 3 and 4. Keep an eye on www.watfordfc.com for further answers from the manager!



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