Anna May Wong was a Chinese American movie star who worked in Hollywood California for Paramount, Warner Brothers,
Columbia and other Movie Studios. Anna May Wong also worked on the Broadway Stage and summer stock playhouses.
anna may wong traveled to Europe several times with freedom to work in more attractive Motion Picture roles. Anna May
Wong worked in Gemany and England and also did stage work in those countries, France and Spain as well. Anna May
Wong was first to star in the new Technicolor 2 strip film process. California was home for Anna May Wong but she did
make an effort to travel to China in hopes of finding more. Women and women's rights are what Anna May Wong as as
woman was a silent leader of.  Racist views kept her from obtaining many of her goals. Chinese food was always welcomed
by her but Anna May Wong had world class taste for new foods and friends. Anna May Wong was out front in World War II
civilian efforts. Anna May Wong was, for a short time one of the first actors or actress' working in television. The Anna May
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