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Cold Brew Coffee
Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System

The Toddy Cold Brew System bills itself as an economical alternative to coffee house coffee that can be served hot or cold.

The Toddy System claims to brew coffee with less acids and oils than heat brewed coffee.  It claims a reduction in acid of 67%.

We purchased a                                                         for $34.95 and have reviewed our purchase here

The Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System Construction And Appearance

Right out of the box, the Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System is impressive.  Impressive in size and appearance.

It comes in a nicely done box with  a brewing container with handle, glass decanter with lid, 2 reusable filters, 1 rubber stopper , and instructions & recipe guide

This is not a small coffee maker.  When assembled and ready to brew it stands 15 inches tall and 7 inches wide.

The top brewing container has a hole in the bottom inside a recessed area where the reusable filter rests over the hole.

The glass decanter has a ribbed neck for easy grip and has a lid for refrigerator storage.  The lip of the decanter has a small pour notch.

The brewing chamber  hole is plugged with the rubber stopper and it rests on top of the decanter comfortably

Overall impressions are that this is a n impressive brewing system and not a decorative countertop appliance.  While the glass decanter and lid would pass muster when serving coffee to company, the plastic brewing chamber looks awkward on top of the decanter and is best kept in a cabinet when not in use.

Usability of the Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System

The instructions say to use 12 ounces of coffee and 7 cups of water.  They do have a cold brew coffee recipe for 16 ounces that calls for 9 cups of water.  This is what we did as our coffee was sold to us in 16 ounce bags.

We prepared the brewing container by inserting the rubber stopper and wetting the filter.  We then placed six ounces of coffee and 3 cups of water into the chamber, which was now resting comfortably on the decanter.  Per the instructions we then slowly added the remaining 10 ounces of coffee and 6 cups of water into the brewing chamber.

The chamber was now full, however, contrary to some other reviews we read, it was not overflowing and was easily manageable.

We had a little trouble getting the top grinds wet.  They seemed to be floating and remained dry as a bone.  The instructions said not to stir as that might clog the filter.  We stirred and the filter did not clog.

After we had all the grinds wet, we set the Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System on the counter and left it for 12 hours per the instructions included.

12 hours later we pulled the plug in the bottom of the Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System brewing chamber and the coffee concentrate immediately began flowing .

After all the liquid had drained, clean up was the next step.  It was surprisingly easy.  As you can see from the picture to the right, a one gallon Ziplock bag fits nicely over the top of the brewing chamber.  We fit it and dumped the grinds into the bag.  

The inside the the brewing chamber cleaned easily and the reusable filter washed off well.

Overall, the process from start to concentrate was rather easy.  Other than having to stir a little to wet all the grounds, making a large decanter of coffee concentrate was not difficult, thanks in much part to the design of the Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System.

Cold Brew Coffee
Toddy Cold Brew System
Cold Brew Coffee maker Cold Brew Coffee Cold Brew Coffee Cold Brew Coffee Cold Brew Coffee Cold Brew Coffee Cold Brew Coffee Cold Brew Coffee
What About The Coffee?

The concentrate we made really was excellent when mixed with the correct amount of water.  There are several coffee drinkers in our household with varied tastes.  Using the concentrate we were able to match the strength to the person by altering the amount of concentrate to water in each person’s cup.

The taste was rich but smooth.  Surprising to us was that you really can notice the bitter acids and oils missing from this cold brew coffee.

Without a doubt, we highly recommend the Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System to the novice as well as the most seasoned coffee junky.  

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