Deirdre's Sock

Deirdre's Sock 
by Deirdre Packer

Materials: 3ply yarn
Machine: Any standard gauge
Gauge: 7.8 sts/12 rws = 1 inch

Tension: T3 rib, T4.2 st st

Picture coming soon!

BO.....bind off
CO.....cast on
K_R.....knit # of rows
HP.....hold position
st st.....stockinet stitch

WY.....waste yarn

CO 70 sts. K80R 1x1 rib T3. 

Transfer sts to main bed. 

K20R stockinet stitch T4.2. 

Shape heel - put 35 sts in hold opposite carriage to left of '0'. 
Short row by placing one needle at a time on carriage side in HP to 
9 sts remaining in center. Reverse shaping until all needles 
are in working position. (remember to wrap stitches to prevent a hole) 

T6 K55R and then repeat shaping as above for toe, T4.2. 

Knit one row across all stitches T10. Scrap off. 
Wrong side facing. Rehang double (35 stitches). 

Pull one set of stitches through the other. Crochet cast off. 
Then seam side of sock using mattress stitch using only half of edge stitch. 

Knit another sock with shaping reversed. 

This will fit an average size ladies foot. Average for ladies being about 
a 7 1/2 shoe size. 

If you prefer more ribbing or less adjust accordingly, and if you prefer more 
length before you knit the heel, adjust as well. This is just a standard guideline, 
therefore, experiment.  For a larger size, add more stitches, and knit more rows 
to the length of the foot. 

Also if you have the garter carriage, knit the straight portions with a stitch of 
your choice, basket weave works well. This gives a nice cushiony feel to sock. 

If you are using a 4-ply yarn, you will automatically end up with a larger sock 


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