Staterooms and Suites for Every Desire - Rio Brochure (Page 4)

Staterooms and Suites for Every Desire - Rio Brochure (Page 4)

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The Rio Cruise

Staterooms and Suites for Every Desire - Rio Brochure (Page 4)

THE plain, unembellished statistics of the NORMANDIE are most impressive.. well nigh staggering in the immensity they represent. 83,122 tons register, 1029 feet of length, 119 feet of breadth, turbines that develop 160,000 horse power, enormous ovens that can roast 768 chickens simultaneously, a housekeeping department that has 600,000 pieces of linen . . . and so on.

A Complete Community
But statistics soon become dull and at best give no real picture. We would rather present the NORMANDIE as a miniature, compact, floating city, with the necessities and conveniences and amusements of contemporary urban life. She can carry over 1800 passengers, 1300 officers and crew - a good-sized Community. To care for their health there is a capable staff of physicians, three male and four female trained nurses and an apothecary shop. Other shops include a Florist. Shop with fresh flowers daily from the ship's conservatories; a Bookshop with the latest novels and magazines; a Novelty Shop that carries small wares, toiletries and a large stock of articles of use or beauty ; and, of course a Beauty Shop, with Paris trained attendants. A beautiful Chapel has permanent seats for a hundred persons.

Amusement and Recreation
Lavish provision has been made for amusement and recreation, both outdoor and indoor, both by day and at night. There is a swimming pool that is 100 feet long, with seats for spectators, a bar and small tables conveniently at hand. A sun-deck that is longer than a city block invites both serious and casual sun-bathing, and gives ample space for shuttle-board and other games. There are a tennis court., an intriguing golf course, a shooting gallery and clay pigeon shooting. A real theatre with 300 seats has talking pictures, stage shows on occasion, and other entertainments, while for the children there is a merry-go-round and a Punch and Judy show (or Petit Guigmol as the French call it). And to end the day there is a veritable Night. Club, sparkling with bright, lights and modern decoration, where one may dance till any hour in an atmosphere of carefree gaiety.

Staterooms and Suites for Every Desire
Corresponding to the homes in a town are the private apartments in this floating city - the staterooms and suites. Of these, as of houses, there is a great variety to meet every taste and purse and style of living. They range from simple rooms on lower decks to two magnificent suites of living room, dining rooms, four bedrooms, and two private baths and two showers and a large private deck, like the terrace in a pent: house apartment. Other suites contain from two rooms with bath and shower to six rooms with two baths and four showers. Twenty-four de luxe rooms with private baths on the Promenade Deck open directly on private sections of deck that are perfect spots for breakfast or luncheon or tea, or quiet reading or a game of contract..
Besides these palatial suites and luxurious verandah rooms, there are 406 rooms with their own private baths, or showers, and toilets so many of them and so varied in size and location that...

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