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Chery wins three awards including “Influential EV Manufacturer of the Year”

Dec 31, 2011

In early December, “Award Ceremony for China’s EV Industry Selection & 2011 China EV Industry Forum” was held in Beijing. By outstanding contributions to technical innovation in automobile electrification and new energy popularization, Chery was honored as the “Influential EV Manufacturer of the Year”; Riich M1 as the “EV of the Year” and Chairman Yin Tongyue as “Influential Figure in EV Industry”.


China’s EV industry selection was organized by China Automobile News, China National Automotive Journalist Association and www.cnautonews.com. Entering enterprises were evaluated from four aspects--influence, foresight, whole industry chain and full value proposition. As the country’s first authoritative and professional EV evaluation event, the selection, from the perspective of whole industry chain, comprehensively straightened out the development of China’s EV industry, and summed up trends of EV manufacturers in the year, thereby promoting the technical innovation and healthy development of Chinese new energy vehicles.


As an automaker that persistently advocates energy conservation and environmental protection, Chery has kept ahead of other proprietary automakers in new energy R & D and applications. On the basis of the four complete new energy technology systems: energy-conserving vehicle, hybrid vehicle, electric vehicle and alternative fuel vehicle, Chery will focus on developing power battery, motor and new energy technologies. Currently, Chery has been able to independently develop and manufacture core products such as anode and cathode materials for lithium batteries and proton membranes for batteries, as well as three key core parts of electric vehicles-battery, motor and electric control, thereby maintaining its domestic leading role in new energy vehicle industrialization.


Since establishment, Chery New Energy Automobile Technology Company Limited has persisted in advanced technologies and management methods, pioneered the green road of new energy vehicles, kept to the concept of building “more safe, energy-saving and environmental-friendly” vehicles, and focused on researching energy conservation and environmental protection technologies for vehicles. Early in July 2000, Chery embarked upon new energy vehicle R & D. In October 2001, Chery established a “clean energy vehicle group” in charge of researching and developing frontier technologies of clean energy vehicles such as hybrid vehicles and vehicles burning alternative fuels. After a dozen years of development, Chery has made a chain of achievements in the new energy field. Chery A5 hybrid vehicle (BSG) went offline in June 2007, went into small-batch production and was launched on the taxi market in November 2007, marking the first step towards the industrialization and marketization of proprietary hybrid cars; during the 2008 Olympic Games, A5 BSG and A5 ISG hybrid cars operated demonstratively and drew extensive attention, fully displaying the hybrid technology of China’s proprietary vehicles and embodying the harmonious concept of “Technology Olympics, Green Olympics and Cultural Olympics”; on February 16, 2009, Chery EV S18 went offline; in early September 2009, Chery’s four new energy models were included in the Catalogue of Recommended Models for Energy-conserving and New Energy Vehicle Demonstration Project released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, marking Chery has accomplished volume production and sale of new energy cars. This year, Chery was honored as the “Influential EV Manufacturer of the Year” and Chairman Yin Tongyue as “Influential Figure in EV Industry”, fully showing the acknowledgement of Chery’s outstanding contributions from China’s new energy vehicle field.


As Chery’s representative product in the sector of new energy, Riich M1 EV inherits Chery’s concept of designing “more safe, energy-saving and environmental-friendly” vehicles, carries 336V large-power electric-driven system, builds in 60Ah quality lithium battery, has a maximum speed of 120km/h and a maximum cruising range of 150km, and boasts outstanding acceleration and driving performance. Besides, as the first EV that ever operated demonstratively in Zhongnanhai, Beijing, Riich M3 EV, based on Riich M1 platform, has operated faultlessly for night consecutive months since February 2011. Owing to the outstanding performance of Riich M1 and M3, Chery’s R & D strength and product quality in new energy has gained high recognition from the nation and industry. Riich M1 deserves the title of “EV of the Year”.


According to a representative of Chery, in the future, Chery will voluntarily assume the role and responsibility of leading vehicles to a green road, promoting the harmonious development of people, vehicles and nature, use advanced technologies and management methods, pioneer the green development of new energy vehicles, and build a “technological, environment-friendly and harmonious” green transport system, thus making remarkable contributions to creating a clean future world for mankind.

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