How to Install Microsoft Office 2010 on Ubuntu

06 Apr

It is a nerve breaking experience for a Linux new bee  to work with open-office for documentation works than their favourite MS Office. New interface and new formats of open office makes them reluctant to take it as a first choice. So this post is for those who are tired of rebooting your system to make small changes in the documentations.

Now you don’t want to reboot your system to get windows™ and MS Office™ to work on your documents. You can do it from the ubuntu or any linux distribution with wine.

Here is how I did it.

Firstly, we need to make sure that all previous versions of Wine are uninsulated. Previous versions of Wine suffered from a regression issue and will not work with Office 2010 so:

* Click on System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager
* In Synaptic Package Manager, type Wine in the search field and highlight any existing instances of Wine which are installed on your system, making sure to choose Mark for Complete Removal and then Apply
* We now need to remove the exiting .wine folder by navigating to Places > Home Folder. You’ll need to press CTRL+H to unhide the  .wine folder so that you can delete it

Next, we need to install the latest version of Wine, since the latest version is available on wine website , Download it from, I used wine1.3_1.3.15-0ubuntu1~maverickppa1_i386.deb package.

When the popup box appears, choose to Open with Gdebi package Installer. Once the package begins installing, you will get a warning dialogue. Acknowledge this and continue through the install process. ( you may need to remove wine-geko package in case any conflicts during installation ).

Now, we need to install winetricks which is a useful tool to use some common workarounds to some of the deficiencies in Wine:

* Open your Terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal) and type:
sudo wget
* Next, install cabextract in order to be able to extract the contents of Microsoft cabinet files. To do this, type the following:
sudo apt–get install cabextract
* Next we need to install MS core fonts, Visual C++, MS scripting and Jscript, type the following:
sh winetricks corefonts tahoma vcrun2005spl wsh56js

The next stage is to confgure Wine itself:

* As we already have a Terminal window open, type:
* On the Libraries tab, add 2 new variables:
* Once you have done this, highlight or click riched20 and click Edit, change to Native Windows then Apply and OK

We can now install Microsoft Office 2010, so pop the installation disc into the drive and wait for the system to mount it:
* Navigate to the installer by going to Places > Office14 and right click setup.exe chosing Open with Wine Windows Program Loader
* Now follow the installation process as if it were a Windows installtion , but choosing a custom installation and choosing the program options you’ll need. Note: Unfortunately, not all of the office applications seem to work correctly under Ubuntu (or Linux generally) so I’d recommend just installing Word, Excel and Power Point. Access and Outlook have known issues.

Finally, we can now test Office, navigate to Word; Applications > Wine > Programs > Microsoft Office and click the launcher for Word.

You may need to restart your machine in order for the Microsoft Office program group to appear in the menu. When Word launches, you’ll need to activate as normal and, importantly, choose not to use Microsoft updates.

Some system will have to install MSXML 6 for office to work. Get it from the Microsoft site and install using wine.

This is the screen shot of MS OFFICE 2010 in UBUNTU 10.10

Office 2010 on ubuntu 10.10

:) Happy hacking

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