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Climatic Regions [Köppen]


The map on this plate shows the division of Canada into climatic regions according to the classification of the climates of the world developed by W. Köppen. Köppen first divided the world into five major divisions to which he assigned the letters A, B, C, D, and E. The letters represent the range of divisions from tropical climate (A) to polar climate (E). There are no A climates in Canada. The descriptions of the four remaining major divisions are given in the map legend. Köppen then divided the large divisions into a number of climatic types in accordance with temperature differences and variations in the amounts and distribution of precipitation, on the basis of which he added certain letters to the initial letter denoting the major division. The definitions of the additional letters which apply in Canada are also given when they first appear in the map legend. Thus 'b' is defined under 'Csb' and the definition is, therefore, not repeated under 'Cfb', 'Dfb' or 'Dsb'. For this map, the temperature and precipitation criteria established by Köppen have been applied to Canadian data for a standard thirty year period (1921 to 1950 inclusive).

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