Mar 12

Have you enabled multitasking gestures yet?

If you haven’t done so already then I suggest that you enable multitask gestures on your iOS 5 or better iPad.

The main benefit comes when you swipe four fingers left and right to switch between apps. This vastly under noticed feature is disabled by default and with a little practise makes getting from app to app even easier.

You’ll find the option within the General section of Settings. Go on, try it now.


Mar 12

iPhoto for iPad makes blogging a breeze

Having recently acquired a 3rd gen iPad it dawned on me that I’d like some apps that made good use of the improved screen. I ended up getting iPhoto and iMovie as these are both geared to the new display. What I didn’t anticipate is how iPhoto goes hand in hand with blogging, as it’s great for quickly resizing images, applying effects and generally giving your pics more impact.

I’ve not made much use of iMovie apart from have a look around but then again I don’t rely on video that much at the moment…

iPhoto brings desktop quality, simple photo editing to your iPad and allows you to cate better quality content without breaking sweat – I love it.


Mar 12

My take on the new iPad


First things first, the new high resolution screen’s cool. When you switch the iPad on for the first time the images are crisper than that of the earlier iPads and teamed with iPhoto simple image editing is a breeze. I’m really getting into using photo stream to get images onto my various iDevices – taking photos on the iPhone and editing on the iPad is really neat.

Siri dictation is cool too, even if it sometimes has a hard time understanding my brummie tones.

I’ve yet to try the 4G aspect as this is not available in the UK yet but have plumped for a model with built in 4G as I use 3G on the road a fair bit. I’m looking forward to the promised 4G speeds and hope that the coverage is good.

So all in all I’m really happy with the purchase as it is a good step up from my original iPad. If I were an iPad2 owner however, I would have to carefully consider whether the upgrade is necessary – or just wait a year for the next model…


Feb 12

Testing Skimlinks to see if the programme makes money

I’m currently testing out Skimlinks to see how neatly it integrates with the blog.

Apparently if I use the words ipod nano in a post, then a link will be magically added to the post that can whisk folk off to somewhere they can buy such an item – whilst I take a small commission for the intro. Alternatively if I add the following link to a post:

An iPod Nano from Argos.

then I should also expect to get a proportion of a sale (if one is ever made) that is made via this link.

I’ll be trying this over the next month or so. However in the meantime if you find the links / ads intrusive please let me know.




Feb 12

Consume more content on your iPhone or iPad with Flipboard

Many iOS users across the globe have fallen in love with FlipBoard as it allows you to flip through social media content like it was written in  a newspaper. Although what I really love about this is that content is so accessible that you can get to sift through more and get to the good stuff easier. I now feel good about finding new RSS feeds and less concerned about information over load as Flipboard lets you skip through stuff much faster than possible with a regular RSS reader.

With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Reader feeds all being drawn together on the iPhone or iPad appp, Flipboard is your one stop solution for all your feed reading needs. Oh, and did I mention that Flipboard is free? It’s genius.


Jan 12

Automagically send tweets to Wunderlist

As a big fan of both Twitter and Wunderlist I’m always on the look out for ways of improving my work flow whilst using them.

By introducing ifttt and Google Mail you can get items out of your twitter timeline into Wunderlist so that they are treated as tasks. This is useful if you want to follow a tweet up later or just keep a record that you can easily access offline.

Here’s a short tutorial which walks you through the process of getting these tools talking to one another.

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Jan 12

What I’ve been reading this week

Here’s what I’ve enjoyed reading this week:

Some top info for getting your blog onto Kindle:


An easy innovation mistake uncovered:


Are you a geek?:


Neo Geo portable:


Cloud computing case study:



Jan 12

Fail Cheaply

Fail quickly is a mantra that is often heard around the internet these days and nobody can deny that coming to a dead end in days is better than taking years…

That said, failing cheaply is often overlooked and is an approach you should consider whilst planning / thinking up your next venture. Whether as a startup or part of an organisation if you fail and don’t waste money; you’ve invested money in your development.

How you fail-cheap is up to you. Free tools, cheap hosting, good books and hacking things together should get you going and are better than investing in others. If you mock something up that does have legs, you stand a better chance of convincing others that you can succeed through creativity and they will want to help take your brain child to the next level.


Jan 12

The art is in the edit

It’s better to get to the point in a few words than ramble around a topic endlessly.


Jan 12

Dumbledore on the most inexhaustible source of magic

I really enjoy this scene in the last Harry Potter film and particularly like the way JK Rowling speaks through Dumbledore – forward the video to about 3:20 to hear:

“Words are in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it.”

Worth thinking about.