My First Post On Attitude

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                 This is Kashif Arif. The Designer, Moderator & Domain Name Owner of this blog. This is my first post on this blog. This Post is just to check some new functions & patterns which i have included in this blog design.

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Selling-An Art

"An incredibly busy social life, full of free meals and days on the golf course. That they get to travel to all sorts of interesting places and stay in great hotels, eat in fancy restaurants, and get to meet and entertain all kinds of interesting people. What a wonderful life they lead!"

Yes, here I am talking about our sales force who acts as the pillars of the company. Isn't the life they lead sounds interesting!!!!!!!

Young Talents - Embrace Happiness


The budding managers are the fresh victims of the hard faced, tight scheduled, target oriented work life. They are not acclimatized to handle work stress thereby tending to forget happiness or when they laughed last. They become the prey of alcoholism and other injurious habits. Why can't they be oriented towards the quality of life through enlightening them towards the perspectives of happiness? Once they imbibe the spirit of being happy, they would tend to put the worries out of their mind and start loving the targets and deadlines. They would embrace happiness and lead the life of complacency.



"Trust is not a matter of technique, but of character; we are trusted because of our way of being, not because of our polished exteriors or our expertly crafted communications." --Marsha Sinetar

Companies are looking for better ways to develop the talents they owe while simultaneously creating value. Companies can optimize their social capital through a robust system of thought partnerships, which have as their goal shared learning and collaborative problem solving in the service of the enterprise.
One technique for supporting thoughts partnerships and developing leaders at every level is Mentoring. It's a technique in which a person wishing to learn (Protégé) accompanies observes and collaborates with the Mentor, while mentor is employing their expertise on a value producing assignment.

Presentation is an ART

Presentation is an integral part of the practicing as well budding managers. The practice managers have to present their project to the top management through PPT. The utility of the  ppt is not limited with in the organization only but the executives have to use it external stake holders like customers, clients or vendors also.