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Digital Architect - Misc - UnrealEditor First Room Tutorial

UnrealEditor First Room Tutorial
(Building your first room in UnrealEditor 2)

NOTE: This tutorial was made by Smeerkat. I'm just hosting it.

Someone asked me to give him a beginner's tutorial on UED, since he did not find other tutes useful. I told him I would make some screenshots for him, and I guaranteed that after seeing these screenshots, he would get past the first hump of UED. I spent a lot of time, making step-by-step screenshots with detailed text descriptions. There are 40 screenshots in all. If you are a brand-new mapper, I think you will find this page useful. Everybody else: move along, you probably will not learn anything here.

See you on the flip side,

Building your first room in UED 2


This was one tiny step for you, into the realm of UED. There are so many things NOT covered in this tutorial, including:

  • adding brushes instead of subtracting them

  • intersecting and de-intersecting brushes

  • movers (doors, lifts, etc)

  • difference between solid, semi-solid and non-solid brushes

  • bot support (how? where? why?)

  • aligning and scaling textures

  • custom textures, masked textures, animated textures

  • sounds, music, level screenshot

  • console commands

  • 2D Shape Editor

  • terrain, outdoor lighting, skybox

  • zones

  • triggers

  • team games (CTF, DOM, AS)

  • BSP

  • advanced lighting tips

  • etc

Perhaps you should now check out "How to Move, Copy and Intersect Brushes in UED", which can be considered to be part 2 of this tutorial.

Or you can go out there and read some other tutorials! Start with "the G.o.a.T"'s list here. Also check out this FAQ.

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