About Us

We are located in Sunnyvale, California. Our unique technological innovation enables small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) to dramatically reduce their wireless spending.

Executive Team

Labhesh Patel, CEO.

Labhesh has an MS in EE from Stanford University. Prior to CellKnight, he led the strategic innovation effort at Cisco Systems and managed numerous product lines at the Voice Technology Group.

He is a veteran of the telephony industry with 61 granted patents and 108 patents pending at the US Patents and Trademark Office. He has the unique distinction of filing the second highest number of patents in Cisco history.

Sanjeev Kumar, PhD. President & CTO.

Sanjeev received his M.S. and PhD in Computer Science from OHSU, USA. He worked as a scientist at the Center for Human-Computer Communication at OHSU where he successfully executed several DARPA projects. Prior to CellKnight, he worked for over 3 years in the Voice Technology Group at Cisco Systems and was a invited speaker at several technology conferences.

Sanjeev has 11 granted patents and 39 patents pending at the US Patent and Trademark Office and he has published more than a dozen scientific papers in peer-reviewed international conferences and journals.

Patents and Publications

The founders of CellKnight happen to be inventors/co-inventors on nearly 200 patent applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. They also happen to have over a dozen publications in reputed international conferences and journals.

The following links reference a selected list of patents and publications of the founders.