Celebrate Epoch Day 15000

Its time once again to celebrate the turning of the Unix system time. Usually we just celebrate the turning of some aesthetically pleasing number of seconds (like 1234567890), but far less often are we privileged to celebrate the number of epoch days turning a significant number. Epoch days being the number of days since January 1st, 1970. This clock will turn 15000 days on January 26th, 2011 at midnight GMT or January 25th at 7pm EST. The last time we turned a 5k mark (day 10000) was May 19th, 1997, nearly 14 years ago. Entire computing paradigms and the rise and fall of operating systems happen in less than that amount of time. You probably weren't doing what you are doing now 14 years ago, Heck, you probably weren't even on the Net 14 years ago. So its really time to celebrate the fact that an operating system design can last for not just 14 years, but 41 years.

This celebration is a global event and you are encouraged to seek out or start a party in your area. Please use the forum on this site to help coordinate your efforts and come back to the site close to the event for a countdown. The spirit of this event is to celebrate our commonalities among all operating systems, not just the one you use. So please try to include people across typical OS dividing lines. This is a great opportunity for everyone to see what each other has to offer.

Parties around the world TBA. Check the forums for announcements about a party near you or start one yourself.

A "root party" will be held in Bloomington, Indiana on Jan. 25th from 6pm til 8pm. We are planning on streaming this event live and having a countdown clock available on the website for everyone to use.

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