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Denise's Story | Family Emotions | Family Information | Children of Transsexuals

Denise's Story

My dad was a cross dresser when I was a child. This made me feel very uncomfortable around him growing up. This confused me with his role of a father in my childhood. I just wanted him to be my “dad”.

I learned after his passing that he was in a homosexual relationship. This was another dilemma for me to deal with. Even though he had passed on, it seemed like another chapter of his life was revealed to me. I had questioned this to myself growing up. I never told anyone about myself questioning “if he was gay”. Now the truth was there on pen and paper.

There are many of us going though this situation. There are many of us out there. Don't think the Gender Identify Disorder does not exist or hurt people. It is not as funny as the T.V. programs portray.

I can know what it is like living with someone who was hurting deep inside with the Gender Identity Disorder. I lived to experience and know the emotional pain within my father and my family.

I found a letter from my dad after he passed away. His words read "Don't throw me away". I believe in my heart I am involved in this out of respect and love from those words that my dad wrote.