Table of Contents
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His Life
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Scientology - Science of the Constitution and Usefulness of Knowledge

I. Knowledge as the Problem of Science: Scientology or Eidology
II. Consciousness, Conscious-Beingness, World-Beingness
III. Scientology, Phenomenology, Cosmology
I. General
1. Axioms as starting point
2. Emplacement of Axioms
II. The Axiom-System of Consciousness
1. The Axiom of Mediation
2. The Axiom of Formation or Specification
3. The Axiom of Individuation
I. Complementing Parts of Systematics: Analysis and Synthesis
II. Analytics
1. Analysis of Mediation
2.Analysis of Formation (Specification) and Individuation: Worldly pathed Consciousness (Immanence)
A. Formation (Specification)
B. Individuation
III. Synthesis
1. General Synthesis
2. Methodology
A. Pure and Applied Methodology
B. Pure Methodology
1) Survey
2) Individuation
a) Relation of the Way and Kind of Individuation: Quantity, Modality and Quality of the Individuals
b) Relations of the Degree of Individuals: Tropy, Amphitropy
3) Formation under Individuation
a) The Quantity, Modality, Quality in Form
b) Individuality in Form
i) Character and Type
ii) Evolution and Involution
C. Applied Methodology
1) Consciousness in its Actuality
2) Dual relationship of Conscious-Beingness: Nature and Soul
3. Critique (Synthesis of Usefulness)
A. Pure and applied Critique
B. Pure Critique
1) General
2) The Law of Freedom
3) Rights and Duty of the Individuals
a) Individualization of the Law; Right-Duty of Individuals
b) Legal Norm of Proportion
c) Binominality of Rights
C. Applied Critique
1) Scale and System of Measurement
a) Standard
b) Measurement System
2) Fulfillment of Law
3) Fulfillment of Justice
a) Right of the Equal Level
b) Rights of Gradients
c) Total Fulfillment of Rights (Justice)
I. The Axiomatic system requires Apologetics
II. Mediation of Apologetics
III. Aformality (Arationality) of Apologetics
1. Formality (Rationality) and Aformality (Arationality)
2. The System of Non-Formality, Non-Formedness (Non-Rationality)
A. Aformality of Quality: A-Quality
B. Aformality of Individuals as Unity (Elimination of Time)
C. Aformality of Individuals as Multiplicity (UN-spaciousness, Not-Spaceness)
D. Aformality of Tropy: Atropy, A-Amphitropy
E. Total Aformality: A-Conscienciality, A-Mundality
IV. Review
I. Cosmology, Scientology and Phenomenology
II. The System of Phenomenology

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