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U.S. Flunks Corruption Index’s Money In Politics Test

What do Germany, Colombia, Ireland, Mexico, Georgia, Indonesia, Macedonia, and Serbia have in common? According to

Big Pharma Gets 77,500% Return On Lobbying Investment

Investing is a time-honored American tradition. Millions of Americans have some sort of investment, and the

Durbin: Amount of Time Senators Spend Fundraising Would ‘Shock’ Americans

"I think most Americans would be shocked — not surprised, but shocked — if they knew

“This American Life” Tackles Money in Politics

For anyone who has ever heard the term "Washington insider" and felt outside — we are

United Republic’s Lee Fang Discusses Backdoor Bribery on MSNBC

United Republic's senior investigator, Lee Fang, went on The Dylan Ratigan show to talk about the

Colbert Gives Himself Credit for Super PAC Mania

Fake news anchor Stephen Colbert has popularized the rise of super PACs and their influence on

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Holy Corruption!


Percent raise that a US congressman gets when becoming a lobbyist

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