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Goodbye Kissers!

Dear Kissers,

We’re both sad and happy to announce that the issue you’re holding in your hands will be the last Kiss Machine issue ever. It’s been a long and interesting run, one filled with ridiculous stories, incredible experiences, and lots of paper cuts. We really hope you’ve enjoyed reading our little mag throughout the past nine years…

Your letters and submissions and subscriptions were what encouraged us to keep going for so long. Here’s a big thanks to you, dear readers!

Anyone who desperately wants more Kiss Machine should head over to our purchase page, where we will continue to sell our available back issues for a few months.

Our biggest hope is that all the fun we’ve had publishing Kiss Machine will inspire others to start their own publication adventures. Canada definitely needs more artsy fartsy feminist magazines! So think media plurality, people, and start photocopying!

Kisses and love and goodbye,
Emily Pohl-Weary & Abi Slone & the KM Gang


The Gender Issue (#18)

Our final issue!

A flipbook with original covers by Willow Dawson on either side, so you can pick your gender. The boy side and the girl side meet up in the middle for an androgynous redefinition of the entire notion.

Click on the thumbnail below to see enlarged versions of Willow's girl/boy covers:


The Gossip Issue (#17)

Kiss Machine's gossip issue (#17) explores one of the most pervasive elements of our celebrity obsessed society. Features a collaboration on the cover by Sonja Ahlers and Lisa Smolkin, and 40 pages of material by artists and writers.

Click on the thumbnail below to see an enlarged version of Lisa and Sonja's cover:


The Dinosaur Issue (#16)

Kiss Machine's sixteenth issue is now on sale!

Dinosaurs are fascinating, despite having been extinct for millennia, because they provide clues to our own evolution. The pieces in this issue explore the notion of "prehistory" from unusual angles. There are Internet dinosaurs (including an interview with Ryan North of, obsolete communications media, arks, our pre-conception of T Rexs, and a little girl obsessed with the Loch Ness monster.

We hope you enjoy our little conga line of graphic arts and culture!


Violet Miranda: Girl Pirate #4 of 4

Written by Emily Pohl-Weary
Illustrated by Willow Dawson

A graphic novel in four parts

Continuing the story where issues #1, #2, and #3 left off, the final chapter of Violet's saga is now available!

Emily Pohl-Weary and Willow Dawson envisioned Violet Miranda: Girl Pirate in response to the excessively awful portrayals of female pirates that seem to saturate pop culture.