Some cats have 2 names because they have been renamed by their carers.

CARLOS (above) was a stray, found by a concerned family. His age is not known but he is a young adult. He was hungry and unneutered when found, and he is now enjoying his life in a Paws for Life home. Click here for another photo of Carlos.
CHARLIE (formerly Jack, above) was an unneutered stray aged 1-2 years when found (2009).  He found a home that would feed him but they already had a cat which didn't like him so they handed him over to us.  He was once someone's pet as he has a collar mark around his neck.  Unfortunately when male cats are not neutered, they can roam long distances and get themselves lost.  May be this is what has happened to Charlie... but unfortunately we will never know. If he had been microchipped we could have traced his owner, and if he had been neutered it is likely he would never have strayed at all. Click here for more photos of Charlie.
CINDY (above), who is also known as 12, was born in 1996. Her owner was an elderly lady who had to go into a home and could not take her pet with her.
CLEO (above) was badly injured in a road accident in July 2007; her owner was never found. She almost lost an eye and she had to have a back leg pinned together. She spent 2 months in a veterinary surgery before finding a home with Paws for Life. She is friendly and affectionate. Her age is not known. Cleo has survived a lot and now has a much deserved top class home with a Paws for Life carer. Click here for another photo of Cleo.
Lovely CHESTER (tabby & white - above) was picked up as a stray and was about to be put to sleep. He is very nervous with new people at first and needs time to learn to trust but now he is settled for life. More pics of Chester here.

This is CLEE (above - short for Cleopatra). She was born in 1996 and is quite shy, but she is affectionate when she gets to know you. Clee is diabetic and she needs two injections a day. Click here for more photos of Clee.

Another CHESTER (tabby - above) came to Paws for Life because his owner was unable to keep him and his companion cat Molly due to a medical condition. Chester was born in 1998. He is now living in a Paws for Life home. Molly was with him but sadly she died in October 2010.
CARLTON (above) is a big, sleek, muscular hunk of a cat. He lavishes people with hours of attention. If he could make tea for the ladies, George Clooney would come in second!! He is a really big soppy snuggle puss estimated to have been born about 2005. Click here for more photos of Carlton.
CRYSTABELLA (above) was born about 2003-4. She has white and grey markings. She is a very vocal cat and sometimes she can be temperamental. She occasionally allow stroking but not for long. Click here for another photo.
COLEEN (above right) was one of 3 elderly cats who needed rehoming. Sadly one died while in a temporary home. One was rehomed with the help of another rescue organisation and we have dear Coleen who is in great shape for her age - born approx 1995-6.
Ginger CHARLIE (right) was rescued from the streets with a large wound to his front leg. He is now all healed up and doing great. He is FIV+ve and was born about 2006-8. Charlie has turned out to be a big fluff bunny, rolling all over the place. He loves cat nip toys and chicken!!
COCO (above) was formerly named Wiselee after the firm of solicitors whose staff found and fed her together with her babies. She was born about 2008. She is now living happily in a new home.
Friendly CHARLIE (above) is FIV+ve and as is all too common for these cats, he was about to be killed even though he was only about 2 years old then. He was born about 2005. Charlie loves to be with people. Click here to see another photo of Charlie.
CAPTAIN BIRDSEYE (above) was born about 2006 and is FIV+ve. This gentle male is very loving and playful, and he enjoys the company of humans. Click here for more photos of Captain Birdseye.
CHURCHILL (above) who is also known as Sweeney Todd, is a lovely family pet. He was born about 2007.
Our other COCO was born 2004. She is a small friendly cat who likes a lot of attention. Her owner had to move overseas for work.